Released 15-11-2016 RaceRoom has been updated

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    • Added new content for upcoming releases and competitions.

    • Unified Experiences and moved some of the experience specific settings to R3E.

    • Added “Depth of Field” visual effect. Active in TV cameras, Hood camera, Action cameras and Free Camera. CTRL-M enables a simple UI to adjust the blurring effects and focus position.

    • Shared Memory API overhaul, added various additional data and potential for backward compatibility starting this patch.

    • Added support for SimXperience Accuforce steering wheel.

    • Extended freedom of movement for the freecam and added two modes for it: “Attached to the car position and its rotation” and “Attached to the car position only”. Pressing the key bound to free cam will cycle through the three modes.

    • When under a slow-down penalty, collisions with the car are disabled.

    • When under a slow-down penalty, the amount of speed the player is still allowed to carry has been increased, but keep in mind you will be giving back any time gained at a slower rate by driving faster.

    • Fixed an issue where the ghost car was producing audio while waiting for the player’s car at the S/F line.

    • Fixed so compact data display shows fuel in gallons if mph/imperial units are selected.

    • Fixed replays missing the first 60 seconds of a race by pausing replay recording during garage phase.

    • Re-enabled hud during garage phase while waiting on the grid.

    • Changed position bar so it doesn’t display information during garage phase.

    • Fixed the issue where you would get disqualified immediately after the lights in hillclimb tracks.

    • Fixed using arrow keys for increase/decrease in pit menu going through settings very fast.

    • Fixed a crash that was occurring when leaving a Hillclimb session after finishing a run.

    • Fixed rear lights flashing when pressing the headlights button

    • Ensured that certain reset commands are sent to DirectInput devices when effects are disabled.

    • Changed “off” steerForceVibe period to be 2000000.

    • Increased maximum execution time for all communications from 30 seconds to a minute or higher.

    • Disabled FFB when reaching the spring based lock if it's active.

    • Cleaned up the ffb code a bit while fixing the above issue. Removed mimic code and made sure all ffb effects are turned off during AI control.

    • Fixed game crashing while navigating in the portal while in a competition session.

    • Fixed an issue with damage when downshifting without clutch.

    • Disabled foreground window lock when playing fullscreen.

    • Disabled game minimizing when losing focus.

    • Fixed game crashing/freezing when pressing pit request button while no audio device is connected.

    • Changed throttle pedal zero magnitude and vibe slope default values to 0.


    • Added 2 race format and reversed grids.

    • The netcode is now IPv6 compatible.

    • Removed some unused functions from netcode that were somehow triggering crashes for some players.

    • Potentially fixed an issue where cars not within Peer to Peer range would become invisible.

    • We now allow duplicate server names to avoid admins not being able to access their settings if a condition such as their IP changes. (Also means we no longer have to remove their names from the associated server list manually).

    • Added so the associated server list clears names that have been inactive for 30 days.

    • Removed the gridwalk camera phase since it’s irrelevant with the introduction of garage phase.

    • Fixed issue with xinput controllers ending up in an unusable state after disconnect/reconnect/usb port switch etc.

    • Fixed issue with opponent cars briefly disappearing during starting light phase.

    Sounds, Cameras, Physics, AI:

    • Significant AI logic improvements.

    • Added punctures to the tire model. Past the lowest possible wear value, tires have a chance to puncture.

    • It is now impossible to disable autoclutch aid on sequential gearbox’d cars.

    • DRS effects on the aerodynamics of the car have been reworked

    • DRS allowance is now 3 activations per lap with a gap detection of 1 second at the S/F line.

    • Push 2 Pass is now disabled in qualifying and competitions to comply with the changes made in 2016 to the Audi Sport TT Cup official rules and regulations.

    • Downshifting without clutch on a H-Pattern gearbox now properly damages the gearbox.

    • BMW 635 : Interior cockpit texture update

    • BMW M1 Procar : Better standing starts for AI, made AI less easily roll up on curbs.

    • DTM : DRS adjustment to previous seasons so they also benefit from DRS aerodynamics improvements.

    • DTM 1992 : Removed Traction Control ranges

    • Ford Mustang GTO : Coast revs sounds adjustments in cockpit.

    • Formula cars : New internal gearshifts sounds (except the Junior which is H-pattern)

    • Silhouette class cars now have new action cameras

    • WTCC 2015 : AI optimizations for new code

    • Hockenheim : AI optimizations for new code

    • Indianapolis : New sets of TV cameras (reminder : use End key to cycle through them)

    • Laguna Seca : New sets of TV cameras

    • Lausitzring : New sets of TV cameras

    • Macau : AI optimization for new code. Hairpin is a no-overtake zone (for AI only for now, until we have a flag system for players)

    • Monza : New sets of TV cameras

    • Moscow : AI Optimizations for new code on the FIM layout

    • Norisring : New sets of TV cameras, AI optimizations for new code

    • Paul Ricard : AI optimizations for new code, tweaks to cut corridors

    • Portimao : New sets of TV cameras, AI optimizations for new code

    • Slovakiaring : Sector gates are now matching the real track

    • Sonoma Raceway : AI Optimizations for new code

    • Spa-Francorchamps : Runoff tarmac areas now properly have lowered grip, fixed faulty cut rules near the pit exit on Combined and Classic layouts

    • Zandvoort : AI optimizations for new code


    • LOD system improvements on many cars

    • Adjustment of distances for the fog effects for smoother transitions on zoomed cameras

    • DTM tracks have received their 2016 season advertisement dressing as well as various bug fixes

    • Audi TT cup : adjustment to the invisible collision box of the car, size adjustment of the drop shadow area under the car.

    • BMW 635 : Fixed a hole in the engine bay when the front of the car is damaged

    • Chevrolet Camaro GT3 : Fixed a slight blurb of paint on the trunk of livery #16

    • Mercedes SLS GT3 : Fixed an issue with the visual damage on the hood, fixed a few issues on various liveries

    • Volvo 240T : Interior textures update

    • Hockenheim : Updates of the 3D curbs, various bug fixes

    • Hungaroring : Updates of the 3D curbs, various bug fixes

    • Oschersleben : Updates of the 3D curbs, slight tweaks to camber and elevation in certain areas, reduced some nasty bumps on the track surface.

    • Macau : Resurfaced the track to be less bumpy, various bug fixes

    • Monza : Visual tweaks

    • Nuerburgring : Distance markers for the chicane are now visible, various bug fixes.

    • Spa-Francorchamps : Fixed various bugs, added one advertisement location at La Source.

    • Zandvoort : Made the exit curb at turn 4 (Hugenholtzbocht) 20 meters longer.

    Portal & Backend

    • Revamped Portal Store with new theme and new structure.

    • Fixed some issues with certain special characters causing issues in initial username on new accounts.

    • Implemented Essential Packs and Car Class Packs.
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  2. Rui Paiva

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    Aug 20, 2016
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  3. Wielo

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    Oct 17, 2015
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    Nice job guy s
    Now you need to start the service again don t forget before you leave
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  4. Mihai

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    Sep 27, 2015
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    Great work S3! I really like the new portal design, nice job! Kudos to you, fellas!
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  5. MeMotS

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    Jan 30, 2015
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    Awesome stuff !!!
    I couldnt help to notice that there was no mention of fix in moscow short layout, there is weird cut rule bug. ( was reported on another thread that i cannot find right now )
  6. Pascal Herbig

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    Mar 30, 2016
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    Would be nice to have a pack for the Audi TT Cup 2016 - But since I will probably get the Premium Pack soon anyway I don't care that much.
  7. Gerbuho

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    Jun 7, 2015
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  8. higsy

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    Dec 28, 2015
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    Great work guys ,thanks. Must have been a long day and a very much deserved beer after this one. Cheers
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  9. Christian Göpfert

    Christian Göpfert Topological Agitator Beta tester

    Apr 8, 2015
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    At turn 3?
    Just looked it up and database says it has been fixed. No guarantee that the fix made it into the patch, maybe just have a try if you will? ;)
    EDIT: Turn 4, not 3, right? But it should have been included...
  10. Gerbuho

    Gerbuho Well-Known Member

    Jun 7, 2015
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    Something about the "visible" seat (side view) in Audi TTs?
  11. Christian Göpfert

    Christian Göpfert Topological Agitator Beta tester

    Apr 8, 2015
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    I think not, sorry.
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  12. pargiNOS

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    Mar 31, 2015
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    The audi VLN and th KTM is not supposed to be in this update? :confused:
  13. Rodent

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    Dec 26, 2015
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    Good lord, clear up some bandwidth for the menus at least. Finally did get in to try the new DTM's and the racing is excellent, so well done on what matters, just let me get into it. :D
  14. Christian Göpfert

    Christian Göpfert Topological Agitator Beta tester

    Apr 8, 2015
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    They are in, but they are not supposed to be released today, that's according to plan and announcement.
    But in the very near future.
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  15. switchface

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    Jan 30, 2015
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    A lot of bullet points mention cameras, are you referring to replays when you say this? Do that many people watch the replays to make that much effort worthwhile?
  16. Rodent

    Rodent Well-Known Member Beta tester

    Dec 26, 2015
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    Will there be a TT Cup pack?
  17. Karting06

    Karting06 Well-Known Member Beta tester

    Nov 15, 2016
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    Thanks for the update.
    I'm playing since a month. (Was part of the closed beta in end of 2012 or begin 2013). Stopped gaming in 2014 and you see a big evolution from then.
    Hopefully the game will one day be fully released ^^

    Unfortunately since the update, it has problems to connect with the server :(

    Keep up the good work :)
    Karting06 (or Pierre)
  18. Pepeu

    Pepeu New Member

    Jan 23, 2016
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    Thanks and congratulations!

    But the new portal theme is horrible
  19. Stonehard

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    Jul 3, 2015
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    GREAT WORK :) Looking forward to get back on the track ;-)
  20. Pepeu

    Pepeu New Member

    Jan 23, 2016
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    Many people watch live broadcasts, like we brazilians do in Raceroomers channel
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