Released 28th November update

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    We are thrilled to introduce GT4 race cars to the RaceRoom platform in this update. Not only that, we've also been busy bringing numerous features and improvements to the simulator, and we're very excited to share the fruit of the work of these past months with you all.

    GTR4 Release trailer:

    Also don't miss out on the interview we had with surrounding this update :

    Update details:
    Download size = circa 2.8 GB
    Client version =
    Client BuildID = 3346300
    Dedi version = 47.0.764
    Dedi BuildID = 3346554

    Note : All leaderboard entries were reset for this update.

    • Added GTR4 car class with KTM GT4, Lotus Evora GT4 and Porsche Cayman MR
    • Added the full grid of the Cayman Trophy by Manthey Racing for the Porsche Cayman Clubsport GT4
    • Added a GT2 version of the P4/5 Competizione

    • Reworked our approach towards driving assists. In Single Player events, the player can now fully customize which assists are enabled and at what level. The assists available in multiplayer sessions will depend on the settings defined by the host. Competitions and leaderboards will still offer the familiar “novice”, “amateur” and “get real” options, enforcing equality in such competitive environments.
    • Dedicated server : Interface reworked for easier server management. Added settings for the driving assist, either enforcing specified assists levels or allowing connected players to freely pick and choose.
    • Dedicated server : Qualifying session timer is now frozen while the server is empty if there is no practice session and the “freeze session if empty” option is enabled.
    • Reworked the Multiplayer lobby page to better present servers overall. More filters are now available to narrow down a search we also added the required information regarding which assists are allowed or enforced for each server.
    • Introducing additional assists : ESP and Countersteer assistance.
    • Reworked the Assisted Braking to become more targeted towards not missing the braking points. Useful when learning a new track.
    • Implemented a weight ballast system for assists that do not naturally make the car slower.
    • Further tweaks to Slowdown penalties
    • Added Look to Apex, Pitch camera lag and Roll camera lag sliders to options menu.
    • Reorganized the option menus for easier navigation.
    • Added a menu option to toggle the saving of replay files
    • Lowered default volume values for Roadfeel and Suspension Squeak sound effects
    • Cockpit camera now has some movement from G-forces by default.
    • Car selection menu no longer shows cars in order of their release dates but alphabetically.
    • Further improvements to serving of Slowdown penalties after all the great feedback from the last update.
    • In a Multiplayer session with “Wrecker Prevention” option enabled, a player sitting idle on the track without accelerating will be presented with a message asking “Are you still there?” and to press Throttle to confirm. Failure to comply will result in being brought back to the garage.
    • Reduced the distance at which the green flag is presented after passing a yellow flag incident.
    • DRS in a multiclass race will no longer become available from following a car having a different performance index.
    • AI no longer defends its position in the first turn of an s-curve
    • AI now makes better defensive decisions based on the type of corner ahead.
    • AI no longer goes defensive on the first lap of a race if there is a car in front.
    • AI should now respect a bit more distance to opponent cars
    • VR - Improved framerate on loading screens

    Physics / Sounds / AI / Cameras
    • All non sequential cars: Reworked the entire H-pattern gearbox and clutch management.
    • Introducing downshift blip on gearshifts when clutch is set to automatic
    • Turbo spooling now drops more accurately on gearshifts
    • Tyre and brake disk temperatures are now pre-heated to their optimal temperatures when performing a rolling start (time attack, rolling start qualifying, race rolling starts)
    • Damage sensitivity tweaks for all cars
    • Added stone chips samples to replays
    • Added specific pitstop timers for GTR1 and GTR2 car classes
    • Changing a damaged front nose of the Formula RaceRoom X-17 no longer takes 30 seconds.
    • Audi R8 LMS - Improved behaviour when biting curbs
    • BMW M6 GT3 - Improved corner entry behaviour
    • Formula RaceRoom 3 - Improved base setup. Improved AI standing starts. Fuel tank now lasts 15 laps around Macau.
    • Formula RaceRoom U.S. - Prevented AI from performing a pitstop on a short race around Road America.
    • Formula RaceRoom X-17 - Improved AI standing starts
    • GTR2 - Complete rework on the physics, 2 tyre compounds
    • GTR2 - New sounds for the BMW M3 GT2
    • GTR3 - Adjustments to the balance of performance (power, downforce, fuel consumption, etc)
    • GTR4 - Introducing this class with 3 new cars.
    • Hillclimb Icons - Complete rework of the physics.
    • Mercedes C-Klasse DTM 2005 - Improved AI behaviour
    • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - Overall improvements of the handling and of the AI behaviour
    • Porsche Cayman Clubsport - Overall improvements of the handling and of the AI behaviour
    • WTCR - Adjustments to the balance of performance (power, weight, gear ratios) and to the estimation of fuel consumption (affects AI decisions and car setup menu estimations)
    • New Static TV cameras brought to various tracks with focus on atmospheric scenes and listenning to sounds of cars passing. Those cameras can be accessed with Page Down, then using End key to cycle through camera sets.

    Bug fixes
    • Reduced vibration of opponent cars in multiplayer (mostly noticeable when standing still)
    • Fixed a case where the game would not validate the serving of a drivethrough penalty if the player stopped at the spot. Also removed the pit area markers if “serve drivethrough” is selected in the pit menu to stop luring players into stopping.
    • Fixed some rendering issue occuring after altering visual settings in the menus and letting the game revert the changes by not confirming.
    • Fixed a case where the game would stop the car at the spot if serving a drivethrough with AI assistance in pitlane.
    • Fixed an issue where, in certain cases, some incident points would be missing from the results file generated by the dedicated server.
    • Fixed the lap time not being invalidated from driving in the wrong direction.
    • Fixed a Triple Screen rendering issue where smoke or dirt clouds would not appear properly.
    • Fixed a replay issue where sounds from cars could fail to play properly after switching quickly between cars.
    • Fixed an issue with the cockpit perspective shift feature that would make the cockpit camera act up in replays.
    • Fixed the cockpit perspective shift going the other way when looking back.
    • Fixed cockpit perspective shift affecting onboard cameras (accessible through Home key)
    • Fixed an issue where a spectator client started from a rrre:// link would fail to show the broadcast overlays.
    • Fixed some wrong live diff timing values on the first race lap around Nordschleife VLN and 24H layouts
    • Fixed an exploit where a player could serve a drivethrough penalty by entering and leaving the pitlane from the same side.
    • Fixed tyre changes in GTR3 car class that played a very long loop of sounds.
    • Fixed “Time Left” being wrong when broadcasting a multiplayer event with 2 race sessions.
    • Fixed an issue where player would lose control of the car upon entering a pitlane in the wrong direction if AI assistance in pitlane was enabled
    • Fixed spectator overlays showing wrong time left when joining an event with more than 1 race session.
    • Fixed a HUD timing overlay that would sometimes not go away after a practice run on a hillclimb.
    • Fixed pitstop menu being locked after entering the pitlane with no action selected.
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  2. deceda

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    Oct 2, 2017
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    Thank u! Big improvements were made.... and i love GT4. :)
  3. Jason Mullin

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    Jul 2, 2018
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    Have been highly anticipating this, love GT4 thank you!
  4. Loki-D

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    Nov 28, 2018
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    raceroom can finally be put back on the map of great sim titles. But I did think more cars would get the physics overhaul?
  5. kamackeris

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    Dec 12, 2015
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    look to apex....woohoo!!! finally !!
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  6. Jusek

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    Mar 8, 2017
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    "look to apex" is such a nice addition for us single screen drivers.
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  7. rad

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    Jan 29, 2015
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    Could you guys release more details on BoP changes?
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  8. fireballr18

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    Apr 16, 2018
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    I run some minutes the KTM. Amazing to drive. Physics on a high level...perhaps the best in Raceroom so far. Was worth the waiting for it.
  9. majuh

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    May 1, 2015
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    Reposting here just in case:

    Special chars seem to be broken in the Store right now, see the Nürburgring for example.
    Formula RaceRoom Junior and Sepang are tagged as free, is this intended?
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  10. kamackeris

    kamackeris Active Member

    Dec 12, 2015
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    i think i may need to clear my adaptive ai file...we ran the wtcr last night on race dept and the fastest lap by the best drivers at falkenberg was 44.8. 2nd lap in and the ai got a 44.5 !! no wonder i was getting bumped all over !!
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  11. kamackeris

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    Dec 12, 2015
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    have all the leaderboards been reset ?
  12. JBMAK

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    Apr 4, 2015
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    It seems to be...
  13. Proto

    Proto Active Member

    Apr 20, 2017
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    First impressions:
    P4-5 COMPETIZIONE GT2 - I could not run a test drive, it does not work.
    BMW M3 GT2 - new physics and FFB just drive me crazy, it's great. :cool:
    Additional settings for driving assistance is something that has not been enough for so long.
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  14. J-F Chardon

    J-F Chardon Sector3 Producer Developer

    Jan 15, 2015
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    Oh that's right forgot to mention that...

    Because of all the changes to assists, how the turbo cars got modified, the H-pattern cars got modified, etc, it was required..
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  15. Arcson

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    Sep 21, 2017
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  16. GregoryLeo

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    Feb 22, 2015
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    I don't know why, but I got about a 15% increase in fps with this update.:D Love the first impressions of the GTR2 class.:) And just when I think the AI can't get any better, you prove me wrong. Yay!:grinning:
    But the biggest thing for me is the new realism of the crash's.:cool: Now I gotta get better at not loosing it.:rolleyes: Car parts and tires flying, lol
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  17. Giangio

    Giangio Member

    Jun 10, 2015
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    Slowing audi e hyundai in wtcr?

    seat looks faster
  18. Aika_

    Aika_ New Member

    Nov 28, 2018
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    I used to be able to make camera to lock into horizon by using this by modifying cockpit_driver_view.xml file. Well this no longer works. what do?

    edit: In live interview they mention lock horizon option at 1:09:20 time stamp to be exact. Is it there or am i blind?
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  19. Hervé45

    Hervé45 Well-Known Member

    Jan 25, 2017
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    no update of the physics of classic touring?
  20. rad

    rad Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 2015
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    It should be included in next patch. I guess it wasn't 100% ready for now