a crew chief that suggests setup changes possible?

Discussion in 'Community Workshop' started by Azfalt Raser, Jul 16, 2016.

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    May 16, 2015
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    Is it incredibly difficult - impossible? - to develop an app that suggests setup changes?

    Drive a few laps, a crew chief comes over the radio "you're understeering everywhere, pit now", we should.....
    "How is the turn-in?". You respond "sluggish/good....." and the crew chief suggests any changes.

    I realize a persons driving style or setup preference has an impact, but I'm terrible at setups.

    and just for fun.... at the end of a practice session with no improvement..... "I can't help you mate - It's your driving" :D
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    Apr 17, 2016
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    Firstly, it's best if you post these kinds of things in the main Crew Chief thread because we're already subscribed to any updates and new posts there. Creating a new thread means we might miss your question. :)

    Second, if you're consistently last across a whole session, Crew Chief will tell you that you're hopeless. If you're not hearing that message, then there's some hope that you'll improve, lol. :D If you stay in the same position in a race stuck behind the same guy for a couple laps, Crew Chief will tell you that you need to pass him because you're losing time. There's lot of little gems like this. Are you not hearing any of those? You can increase the frequency by changing the parameter for "pearls of wisdom", but the default setting should be pretty good as it is.

    Crew Chief already alerts you when you're spinning or locking your tires, when your tires are wearing out fast, and gives estimates for how many laps/minutes are left on your current tires and fuel load. Crew Chief also already tells you when the pit window opens, when it closes, and when you need to pit for your mandatory stop. It also warns you if you haven't come in to pit to serve an outstanding penalty.

    Most of these notifications happen only during race sessions and/or when there are at least 2 other opponents on track with you. If you're only running practice sessions or there is only one opponent on the track, you won't hear most of these things.

    As far as tuning your vehicle setup, the key is consistent driving. Create a single player practice session at noon, no opponents, no tire wear, no fuel use, no damage, and then run laps until you're able to string together 3-5 laps with +/- 0.1 second variance. Focus on hitting the same braking point with the same braking pressure and focus on hitting the same apex each time. At that point you should have an idea of where you're lacking grip or stability and begin by adjusting just one thing at a time. Books like Ross Bentley's "Speed Secrets" are a great way to understand suspension tuning and how changing the sway (anti-roll) bar stiffness will increase oversteer or understeer. Trying to use someone else's setup from the internet just results in pain and misery because if you're not consistent enough to adjust your own setup, you won't suddenly become more consistent using someone else's setup.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Azfalt Raser

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    May 16, 2015
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    I just used "crewchief" as a generic term. Maybe I should have used "race engineer".
    I was specifically referring to suggestions on tuning the vehicle as a separate app.
    It's a game and most people don't read external resources to play it - some do though.
    Personally, I appreciate the resource. I'll have a look.

    There is really nothing to GUIDE a person, within the sims/games, toward a better setup. Even if they can string some consistent laps together. I just thought it would make the sims, in general, more enjoyable if there was some type of tool for players wanting something I didn't have to alt-tab for, or memorize through reading "setup for dummies" from another source....oooh, I should google that...

    Maybe it's just the nature of sim racing/games in general.

    Currently, I use the old GTR guide for setups.
    Gone through the Skip Barber and Honda's video series on youtube.
    Found other sources on the internet (and looking forward to your suggestion).
    And a Race2play setup guide, which contains what I consider bloatware, opens once and then I have to re-install again.

    Still there are situations where I am at a total loss.
    For instance, alot of my cars feel like they float. They tend to wiggle at the slightest steering input.
    In real life terms, it feels as if my all my tires are severely under inflated. Turn-in is great though, but it's difficult to keep "steady state steering" through a corner because the car is wiggling in all but warm up speeds.
    It's difficult to place the car, even down a straight.

    In real life, in parking lot speeds, I can set my steering angle and the wheel stays that way. In-game, my wheel, springs back to center. I'm starting to think it's a ffb setup issue. My wheel is very springy (T300) even though I have centering spring turned off. I think I'll address this in a wheel setup thread.

    Glad to see your contributions to the forums. I'm off to go read that resource you mentioned.