AVIA eRacing Competition - Official Online Results

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    Congratulations to Jack Keithley and David Tonizza for winning their respective classes in the Online competition!


    You can find official results here:

    Invites for final event at Nürburgring will go out hopefully tomorrow, Friday at latest. It will be via e-mail. Be prepared to check your mails!
    If you cannot attend, send me a mail now already, so reserve will know.
    If you can attend, doesn't hurt to send a mail either. But you will receive official confirmation mail.

    PRO - Qualified drivers
    Jack Keithley
    Florian Hasse
    Julian Kunze
    Tim Jarschel
    Andre Santos
    Ralf Piringer
    Michael Raechl
    Johannes Weiß
    Marc Gassner
    Simone Puglisi
    Philip Matzick
    Balint Benedek
    Giorgio Mangano
    Alexandre Vromant
    Celes Sánchez
    Richard Schäfer
    Sascha Gemeinhardt
    Robert Platzk
    Caryl Vega
    Nick Boesche

    ROOKIE - Qualified drivers
    Florian Garcia
    Samir Ibraimi
    Jorge Ibars
    Coque López
    Attila Diner
    Patrick Barth
    Martin Petermann
    Stef Cremers
    William Dorsch
    Petr Daniel
    Mihai Neg
    Kevin Walter
    Milan Stevanovic
    Fabian Berthold
    Adnan Pusina
    Calogero Lopez
    Dirk Gretschel
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