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    I've been spending a lot of time on Bathurst during this free weekend, and am really enjoying it overall. One of the best tracks in the sim for sure. But the AI is spoiling the fun a bit.

    The specific problem is that they have a tremendous amount of difficulty making it through "The Chase" -- specifically, the sharp left-hand turn at the end of the long back straight, prior to the pit entrance -- without spinning off the track and collecting one another. Almost every time, as they pass the apex they lose the rear end and either spin on the track or slide off it, and most of the time several (and sometimes up to a dozen or so) get into a big mass spin and pileup.

    As a result, much of the challenge is gone, b/c I simply have to give drive cautiously through there to avoid getting taken out myself or running into any of the piled up AI vehicles, and I easily pick up a handful of spots per lap, even if I'm not driving well myself. If I drive clean, I win easily, even with AI set well over 100 (I've tried it up to 110, and its always the same problem).

    Has anyone else experienced this? I did some searches, and was surprised to not see other posts about this. Maybe I've missed them somehow.
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