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    Im not sure the WTCC running at the Nords is the sole, or rather, primary reason it is coming to R3E. I'd say it's as much fan service as anything as it is probably the most requested track that any game can ever add. Not to mention RaceRoom AG is based in Germany, and they have the RaceRoom cafe at the Nurb. RaceRoom is rather invested in that part of Germany, and having actual sims at the track that people can race on... would only be further improved if they could actually race on the Nords, no?

    Beyond that, what tracks are missing that are highly requested? Nords will be here soon, Nurb is in, Bathurst is in, Suzuka is in, Macau is in, Indianapolis (albeit not the oval) is in... What other sim has all of those tracks in their roster? Not a single one as far as I know. Really the only iconic track they dont have is Le Mans for obvious reasons... but to say that the track roster is lacking or doesnt have fan favorites that are highly requested is false in my opinion.
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    I think I saw somewhere that 30 percent off doesn't apply to the content that has already recieved the discount.