Bug in Multiplayer Qualy with rolling start

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FormelLMS, Oct 1, 2019.

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    Apr 8, 2015
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    in our league races, we found out, that some (I don't know if some or all) have the problem, that the car starts as if we had pulled the steering completely to one side, so it's hard to get a good lap together.

    Yesterday I saw a stream from another league race and I could see, that they have the same problem.

    Is this a known feature? Someone have this problem or is it server related?
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    Jan 9, 2018
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    I guess you are talking about, when you gain control from the AI Driver, the Car pulls to one side.
    Or the AI make sudden moves, sometimes off-track, before it hands over the Control?

    Happens sometimes, but as most Servers not run a rolling Qualy, this was not mentioned often yet.
    Maybe forgotten?
    Can't tell if this happens in all Classes/Cars or just the ones with the New Physics, where AI has some known trouble?
    Not done many Rolling Qualy Sessions myself.

    Another thing, which maybe is related to this.
    Almost everytime i click on "Drive" in a Session, and not touching the wheel or Pedals, the Wheel Input seem not connected.
    The Throttle is 100% and i have to move my RIM or push a Pedal, as soon as i do this it "Initialize" the Wheel, so the Throttle goes down to 0%.
    However, after this, the first time i push the brake, just barely, like 5%, it shows me a 100% input ingame.
    I have to push the Pedal physically to 100%, and after that it recognizes the 5% input as 5%
    Not a big Deal, as it got a normal Routine to somekinda "calibrate" it whenever i jump into a Car.
    Never figured out why it happens.

    It is a Fanatec CSL Elite+ (former PS4) with the Elite Pedal-Set connected to the base.