Cayman GT4 - suspension damage model problems

Discussion in 'Car Information and physics updates' started by Yossarian, Oct 17, 2021.

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    Apr 20, 2020
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    Alright, does anyone know if the suspension damage model for the g̶a̶ cayman gt4 will be fixed someday? Because now it's absolutely insane. Unless Porsche really does make this suspension out of straw glued together using saliva. I mean seriously, touching the kerb on the inside at Klostertal on the Nordschleife (two corners before the carousel) results in the suspension failing. Going over the same kerb in a Civic TCR? No problem. So a GT4 car is built apparently far worse than something built off a regular family car? I don't think so. Besides, here at 7:00 a real life Cayman GT4 goes over that kerb and the suspension does not explode: .

    Any impact, any kerb and the suspension is totally wrecked in the game. In a race any car touches the cayman, he suspension damage meter becomes half red. I mean I can sort of believe this happening in a NSU TTS, cause it's a primitive old car. But even that seems to have more durability in it than the Porsche (and if you've driven the TTS in game, you will know how fragile this car is). Hell, my real life Civic EG has taken quite some impacts and it seems far more durable than a GT4 Porsche from Racerom :p