International [CFEG] Raceroom Endurance Series - LMP2 + GT3 - COMPLETE

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    Welcome to the first season of the Chequered Flag Raceroom Endurance Series. Please read through the details carefully to ensure you understand the rules and regulations of the Championship, along with dates for events and the correct procedure to participate.

    Visit our Website -
    Join us on Discord -

    ---- MOST RECENT NEWS ----
    There are only 7 days until the final round of RES takes place on Raceroom. There are battles to be had in both GT3 and LMP2, with the chances of both the driver and championship titles at stake. The drivers will be taken for a 2 Hour mad dash to reach the chequered flag at Spa on the 26th November, There ARE still some slots remaining, so get on the grid with CFEG and join us for the final round of the series. full details below.
    2017-11-19 1314 0001.jpg
    1) The Championship ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    The Raceroom Endurance Series (RES for short) will Host its first season in June 2017. The championship is the first of its kind on Raceroom, and hopes to attract fierce competitors from all parts of the globe for close but challenging multiclass racing. The championship will involve 2 classes (LMP2 + GTR3), Constist of a maximum off 44 Drivers, and will visit 6 Circuits located across the globe from June till November.

    NOTE: the Chevrolet Camaro GT3 is banned for this championship due to being unbalanced

    2) Calendar ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    **Championship Begins**
    Portimao Grand Prix - 25th June - Completed
    Shanghai Grand Prix - 30th July - Completed
    Silverstone Grand Prix - 27th August - Completed
    Slovakia Ring Grand Prix - 24th September - Completed
    Suzuka Grand Prix - 29th October - Completed
    Spa Francochamps GP - 26th November
    **Championship Ends**

    ALL events will be 90 Minutes long, with the exception to the last event (SPA) which will be 120 minutes long. This years championship is designed to be short but challenging. We want to attract new members and, provided all goes well in 2017..the championship will increase for 2018 in both Participants and the amount of events throughout the year.

    3) Event Details -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    All Races will
    - Be Mutliclass events, with both LMP2 + GT3 vehicles on Track
    - Have x2 Fuel Consumption
    - Have x2 Tire Wear
    - Have Mandatory Pit stop
    - Have a Standing Start
    - Have weather set to "Noon"
    - Have Flag rules ON (yellows/blues etc)
    - Have cut track penalties off (as they create issues)
    - Have set times for Practice , Qualy and the Race
    - Times (BST)
    Practice = 1845 Hours (45m)
    Qualy = 1930 Hours (30m)
    Race = 2000 Hours (90m)

    4) Rules and Regulations -----------------------------------------------------------------------

    We will not bore you with a large list of Rules and regulations like in real life. However we do ask that you follow some basic but essential rules when participating in our events at CFEG.

    - Do NOT block the track, with the intention to cause another competitor to Lose time, Have an accident or Collide with your own or another vehicle.
    - Do NOT exceed the track limits or Cut any part of the circuit, with the intention to gain time unfairly against another competitor (the track limit is defined by the outer white lines of the circuit. Any driver who fails to have at least x2 wheels within the white lines is considered to be outside the track limits, and may find themselves open to review)
    - Do NOT Ram or make contact with another Competitor, Regardless of their class, with intent to cause that competitor to lose time/position , OR take any action that is deemed reckless, causing any competitor to lose time/position.
    - When defending a position, competitors are restricted to making ONE Defensive manouver in order to defend that position. Any Competitor who Blocks in an unsportmanlike manner is open to investigation.

    We expect all competitors to follow these essential rules. They not only prevent/discourage actions that could effectively ruin another competitors race, but also highlight boundaries, offering a fair system, where everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

    How is it enforced?
    If you feel you have been treated unfairly by a fellow competitor, or if you believe a fellow competitor has "cheated". Make a note of the name, car, and Lap/Time of the race, and inform an admin AFTER the event has finished. Once an admin has obtained the necessary information, they can then review the replay footage and view the incident from several perspectives. Several admins will review the replay footage, and will conclude whether or not the actions of the accussed warrants further action.

    Action Examples (Depending on the severity of the offence)
    - Warning
    - Race ban
    - Championship Ban
    - Full Ban

    5) Sign up -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Applicants can sign up for TWO championships, one being the Drivers championship, and the other being the Constructors championship. You only need to apply ONCE in order to participate in all of the events. All applicants are required to provide the BELOW details in order for their application to be accepted by the CFEG team, a failure to do so will make their application null and void. Once you have the BELOW details please comment on our website ( or on this page.

    Applicants MUST PROVIDE:
    - Their STEAM account LINK
    - Their IN GAME (Raceroom) account LINK
    - A VEHICLE of choice (including make, model and skin number)
    - A TEAM name (if applying for the constructors championship)
    - Applicant must join Discord upon joining, this must be done in order to aquire the password for the event. ( )

    NOTE: Applying for the constructors championship is NOT compulsory, and applicants can still apply as an individual. For TEAMS who are applying for the constructors championship, Team-mates MUST both use the same VEHICLE + SKIN in order for their application to be accepted.

    Applicants MUST NOT
    - Change their vehicle or class throughout the championship effective after the first event
    - Choose a skin / Car Number that has already been taken (unless the applicants are team-mates)

    A failure to comply with these rules will result in that person be Disqualified from the event, along with the championship should they continue to change vehicles

    6) Points ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    The points will be structured to compensate for less experienced drivers, while offering big points to those at the front of the grid. Unlike most championships in real life. CFEG will offer points to those who finish lower than 10th place. We hope that with this approach, it will keep the fight for position both interesting and intense in the long run, making consistency a key aspect to the championship as well as outright speed.

    The point system is as follows (for both LMP2 + GT3)

    1st: 25 points
    2nd: 22 points
    3rd: 20 points
    4th: 18 points
    5th: 16 points
    6th: 14 points
    7th: 12 points
    8th: 10 points
    9th: 08 points
    10th: 6 points
    11th: 5 points
    12th: 4 points
    13th: 3 points
    14th: 2 points
    15th: 1 point

    7) Media - Highlight videos thus far

    8) Standings -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    The standings will be updated after each event, and be veiwed in full on our website on the below link -

    there are 2 Different tables,
    - One for individuals (also known at the drivers championship)
    - One for teams (also known as the constructors championship)

    ------------------------------------- Constructors Championship -------------------------------------


    1) Rollcentre Racing (J.Dalton/S.Jansen)
    2) BRL Team 1 (A.Vesic/M.Stevanovic)
    3) Van Der Steur Racing (J.Schelstraete/M.Pater)
    4) Team Bruichladdich (G.Deurwaerder/J.Snijder)
    5) R2GT Motorsport (A.Bonaparte/F.Vaz)


    1) Garage 59: (M.sanderson/Dave Boon)
    2) Schubert Motorsport (R.Arella/L.Bitala)
    3) GRRT Team Walkenhorst (M.Martens/P.Zantvoort)
    4) Pheonix Racing (Squidboy/C.Mathieson)
    5) Redbull Racing (J.Mookstra/L.Mook)
    ------------------------------------- Drivers Championship -------------------------------------
    LMP2 -
    1) OreoMeister (John Dalton) ------------------------ #07 Radical SR9 Judd (RCentre Racing)
    2) Svennixx (Sven Jansen) -------------------------- #08 Radical SR9 Judd (RCentre Racing)
    3) Aleksander (Aleksander Vesic) ---------------- #45 DMD P21 (BRL Team 1)
    4) Baronkg (Milan Stevanovic) --------------------- #45 DMD P21 (BRL Team 1)
    5) GRRT Jona (Jonathan Schelstraete) --------- #17 Radical SR9 AER (VDS Racing)
    6) Martin.Pater (Same IG) --------------------------- #18 Radical SR9 AER (VDS Racing)
    7) André Bonaparte (Same IG) -------------------- #38 Mistral 531 (R2GT Motorsport)
    8) Fred Vaz (Same IG) ------------------------------- #38 Mistral 531 (R2GT Motorsport)
    9) Georges Deurwaerder (Same IG) -------------- #'26 Radical SR9 AER (Team Bruichladdich)
    10) Benee (Ben Swarey) ------------------------------ #03 Daytona Prototype
    11) Georg Ortner ---------------------------------------- #39 Radical SR9 Judd
    12) Genzo (Team LSF Genzo) ----------------------- #10 Radical SR9 Judd
    13) Kampklossie (Noel Conn) ----------------------- #20 Radical Judd car
    14) Herman Nieuwoudt. (Herman Nieuwoudt) -- #60 DMDP21
    15) Alyton Penna --------------------------------------- #29 Radical SR9 Judd
    1) OvertheLine92 (M.sanderson) ----------------------- #58 Mclaren 650s GT3 (Garage59)
    2) Dave Boon (Same IG) ---------------------------------- #59 Mclaren 650s GT3 (Garage 59)
    3) Bitko (Lukas Bitala) ------------------------------------- #19 BMW M6 GT3 (Schubert Msport)
    4) Rella (Ralf Arella) ---------------------------------------- #19 BMW M6 GT3 (Schubert Msport)
    5) marc1990 (Marc Martens) ---------------------------- #101 BMW M6 (GRRT Walkenhorst)
    6) peter.zantvoort (Same IG) ---------------------------- #101 BMW M6 (GRRT Walkenhorst)
    7) [Man] Beardy (Connor Mathieson) ----------------- #14 Audi R8 GT3 (Pheonix Racing)
    8) Squidboy (Same IG) ----------------------------------- #15 Audi R8 GT3 (Pheonix Racing)
    9) J.Mookstra (same ig) ---------------------------------- #03 Ford GT3 (Redbull racing)
    10) Lambika (Lammert Mook) -------------------------- #03 Ford GT3 (Redbull Racing)
    12) analogearthquake84 (Krystian Sulkiewicz) ----- #84 Bentley Continental GT3
    13) Marauder (Chad Bartrum) --------------------------- #07 Bentley Continental GT3
    14) JosephMitchel (Joseph Mitchell) ------------- #02 Mclaren 650s GT3
    15) tautau (Tauan Mello) ------------------------------------- #04 RUF RT12
    16) RAD (Radek Pawlaczek) --------------------------- #55 McLaren 650S GT3
    17) Christoph Durselen --------------------------------- #99 BMW M6 GT3
    18) Devious (Adrian Holm) --------------------------------- #05 Audi R8 LMS
    20) Sven Deutschmann (Same IG) ------------------ #100 BMW M6 GT3
    22) turbosprezarka (Radoslaw Indyka) -------------- #09 Mclaren 650s GT3
    23) Jean-François Champagne (Same IG) --------- #83 RUF GT3
    24) Nuno Relvas ------------------------------------------ #?? Corvette
    25) marciniecmarcin (Marcin Marciniec) ------------ #8 Ruf GT3
    26) Oscar Koehnen --------------------------------------#09 RUF
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    Sign me up.
    McLaren 650S GT3 #59
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    Radek Pawlaczek
    #55 McLaren 650S GT3

  4. Krystian Sulkiewicz

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    Sign me up :)
    Krystian Sulkiewicz (same IG) aka analogearthquake84 (steam)
    Car: Bentley Continental GT3 #084
  5. chunky40monkey

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    John Passmore GT3 62 Ford please
    steam: chunky40monkey
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  9. Squidboy

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    in GT3 - Audio R8 #100.
    If anyone wants to team up with me to come last in the constuctors let me know.
  10. gio_vtec

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    Have almost no time record in online mp but I tried last time in some private servers and didn't have any lag issues as before, so...
    Count me in :)

    R3E: Giovanni Jacome
    Steam: gio_vtec

    Mc Laren650s GTR3 #59A Tekno McLaren
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  11. OverTheLine

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    Ye if you can please - me and dave had taken the Garage 59 team already, but ye just specify the team name for us - cheers
  12. gio_vtec

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  13. Rella

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    Would like to sign up with M6 GT3 #39
  14. Genzo Team LSF

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    I was just wondering, what are the differences between the Radical SR9 Judd & AER, I can see on the shop that there is only 5hp between the 2 cars. Is one SR9 better than the other one ?

    Also, is the Chevrolet equal to the Radical's ?

    Thanks all ;)
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    AER is Turbocharched and Judd is Naturally Aspirated, I guess this depends which one you prefer

    Chevrolet has significantly lower downforce but significantly more power and it's heavier. Looking at calendar, it probably will be slightly worse choice than other P2s. Although, I drove it in 90m Silverstone and I could feel annoyance of other drivers, when they were getting stuck behind me in corners, but couldn't keep up on straights :D
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    At the 90m of Monza the DP romped the Radicals on straights. As soon as a braking zone or corner came up I'd close back up under the rear wing again. Lesmo 1 and Lesmo 2 were the very bad corners for it.
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  17. Genzo Team LSF

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  18. OverTheLine

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    Wow...not even announced for a week and already gt3 has half filled...nice :D

    Dont forget to look for teams to enter the constructors. i see some people choosing the same vehicle, so dont forget to talk to one another to enter the constructors if thats in your interest to do so.

    I predict some goooood racing ahead :)

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  19. Dirk Bachmann

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    Were in if possible:

    Team: Bachmann Motorsport
    1st Driver : Tim Bachmann (puckl)
    2nd Driver: Dirk Bachmann (Profibaufrosch)

    Cars - still working on it :)

    erm...def. GT3 - sry :)
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