Bug Chase cam and Ford GT (GT3)

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    For some reasons in Ford GT GT3 (from both GTR3 and ADAC classes) you can't move the chase cam away as far as you can in other cars (including Ford GT from GTR1). In .uvm files this parameter is called UVM_SWINGMAN_ZOOM and for Ford GT GT3 it is maxxed out at 5.5 while for other cars it's 8.0.

    With the default game setting it's not an issue, but it becomes one when you reduce FOV. This is how it looks like with FOV 0.6x, you can't move the camera away any more and it's still way too close:
    - Since this is the only car I know with this issue, I think it's a bug; something that was probably overlooked at one point and went unnoticed.

    But I also want to notice that even for other cars, this limit of 8.0 is a bit too tight when you reduce FOV further to 0.5x. This is what the car will look like; and what it looks like with the default settings, in comparison:

    - I think increasing the limit to something like 10.0 or 11.0 would be enough and the chase cam will work as intended with all settings.

    P.S. By the way the same limits are applied to the chase cam in replay mode. What's also strange in replay mode is that the camera distance is reset to default (I guess it's 5.0?) every time you switch from one AI car to another, while other camera parameters, like pitch and yaw angles are preserved (but only for each car model, not for each car)...
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