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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TaksoTS, Jan 3, 2019.

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    Feb 1, 2016
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    Given the current state of my DFGT i'm considering getting a new budget friendly wheel. I've been mainly thinking about getting a Thrustmaster T150 rs pro or a Logitech g29 as their price range are close to my budget and are from what i've heard some value for money(T150 rs pro~210 euros vs G29~250 euros).Some ppl say that the T150 has better ffb than the G29 but others say the G29 is slightly better on pedals.Then comes the reliability factor that leans towards the G29 based on the reviews i read. Considering that i might get a stick shift too the prices come really close together.What is your opinion on those 2 wheels guys?

    P.S:I'm open for some more wheel suggestions at a 200-300 euros price range too.
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    Feb 10, 2018
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    I have the TMX Pro with the 3 pedal set and a couple of TH8A shifters and find them pretty good value. I also have a Fanatec which is a excellent wheel but I come unstuck trying to run the two shifters(1 H pattern - 1 Seq). I had a little trouble with the TMX wheel about 10 months in and the TM support were a 5 star service for me. They confirmed the issue via video and gave me a RMA number so the point of purchase vendor didn't have to go thru it all and I had replacement wheel and pedals with 2 weeks inc shipping both ways. My next wheel will be the T150 or higher option for sure.
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    Jan 9, 2019
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    T150 Pro is well worth the price difference over regular T150 because T3PA pedals.

    With AC wheel needs half update rate from some reason, black parts of wheel are really slippery, especially with dry hands. Paddles make loud click.

    Wheelcheck is useless with T150 as it produces really weird curve that causes FFB to be only on/off.

    With low amount of forces or zero forces wheel moves like if it would have notches, it is not perfectly smooth, with higher forces that is not so apparent.

    Inside there is tiny fan that makes more noise than my computer, fan is always on.

    Connection issues, when plugging in to computer, often needs to unplug and plug again to get it work.

    G25 was many ways better, but that cut fingers with paddle shifters, however T150 has better position / shape of shifters.

    Pedals are nice, although brake has developed tick sound that you can feel in pedal when pushing brake.

    Also quite shortly pedals started squeaking, which required disassembling the pedals and applying bike chain lube to pivot/axles.

    Power supply is inside the wheel unit, not replaceable, I think that G25 at least had replaceable power supply.

    For 200 euros that I did pay from my T150 it is ok, but I miss my G25 though. I have read that after G27 Logitech wheels have gone worse, but idk about that, haven't used any of G29 or G920.

    Oh and belt inside the wheel unit is making little noise when turning wheel slowly. I guess I have had wheel 6 months or so.

    I'm not sure if T150 will last 2 years or 3 years in my use, I doubt that it will last longer than that, but you never know.
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    Apr 15, 2018
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    I'd say go for the g29. Internally they are the same as the g27 (but with a better optical encoder). Not the smoothest wheel in the world but my g27 has been bombproof over 10 years of use and still feels good with raceroom. G29 pedals have a rubber mod in them and new firmware that introduces a weird braking curve, it's rubbish apparently and you'd be better to get a leo bodnar cable and run them as usb rather than connected to the wheel. That's what I do with my heavily customised g27 pedals (hydraulic mod, bigger springs and extended arms)

    The other option is to look at 2nd hand, t300 or something similar. Have a look at race department classifieds, usually some good stuff on there.