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    Had trouble logging in this morning, some new fandangled message saying 'user information processing error' Have not heard that one before!
    Eventually got RR started, had 15 mins in a MP race at Zolder but everyone dripped away as usual, so dropped out, found a WTCR2019 race at Spielberg, picked a car then BOOM! CRASHED!
    Please find enclosed dump I had this morning! :D

    Keep crashing out in MP races, had 2 x 30 min races yesterday both drop me back to the pits as I crossed the line to start my last lap. It's not crashing, so no more dumps, just sending me back to the pit menu, as if I'd totalled the car. Trifle annoying, could it not do it on the first lap perhaps? Another hour of my life I won't get back. :rolleyes:

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