CUPRA Simracing Series

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    Robert Wiesenmüller Esports / Events Beta tester

    Jun 9, 2015
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    R5 Macau
    Stewards - Robert Wiesenmüller / Mike Bell

    SERVER 1

    Race 1

    Dobsa vs. Baldi, Lap 1, Run-up to Melco Hairpin + Melco Hairpin
    Baldi runs into the back of Dobsa coming up into the hairpin. This creates a difficult situation, because Dobsa gets pushed to the inside, because Balazsin is already in the corner. Baldi goes around Dobsa on the outside, Dobsa gets going again, and gets squeezed into the inside wall, losing another place to Keithley. Clear penalty for Baldi due to the yellow flag zone, but with other cars behind him, he also could not really wait after the contact, which is why it is not a double penalty.
    Gergo Baldi - 20 points, 1 strike

    Race 2

    Dobsa vs. himself, Lap 1, Mandarin
    Dobsa and Balazsin are side by side on the run down to Mandarin. They make contact on the straight, Dobsa has a wiggle, and then Balazsin has to brake for turn 2. Dobsa also brakes, but later, and taps Balazsin who runs into the wall and loses 2 places. Reduced to half penalty due to the circumstances.
    Richard Dobsa - 10 points

    Dobsa vs. Baldi, Lap 5, Maternity
    In Maternity, Dobsa leaves the door open. Baldi goes into the gap, which is a risky move, but he has a clear overlap, when Dobsa turns in. Dobsa gets sent into the wall by the contact. But he should have left Baldi more room once he was on the inside, since it was a legitimate attempt by Baldi.
    Racing incident

    SERVER 2

    Race 1

    Hohloch vs. Mozes / Gurunyan, Lap 1, Mandarin
    Hohloch has to slow down because of other cars infront of him on the straight leading up to Mandarin. He has Caserta on his outside. Mozes is behind Hohloch, and he makes it three wide. On the approach of the corner, all 3 drivers are careful, but 3 cars is too much to fit into the corner. We believe that Mozes, if he chooses to make it 3 wide, he has to complete the pass into the corner, but his hestitation, although without bad intention, contributes to the incident.
    Then, Gurunyan comes up from behind, brakes, but does not slow down enough and hits Hohloch, which contributes to the incident.
    Hohloch spins, Gurunyan lands on his roof and several other cars are affected.
    Zhihayr Gurunyan - 8 points, 1 strike
    Martin Mozes - warning

    Vincent Roy - 4
    Jack Keithley - 3
    Nicolas Claes - 2
    Slaven Stulic - 2
    Titus Ödell - 2
    Chris Shepherd - 1
    Nenad Vladisavljevic - 1
    Alessandro Mosca - 1
    Hector Garcia - 1
    Alexander Somosi - 1
    Thorsten Ulrich - 1
    Alexander Krouk - 1
    Adam Pinczes - 1
    Gergo Baldi - 1
    Zhihayr Gurunyan - 1

    Cristian Moisescu - removed from the league for 2 absences without notice
    Sinan Gunay - warning

    Tim Heinemann - warning
    Krisztian Juhasz - warning
    Francesco Panebianco - warning
    Bence Raisz - warning
    Petr Kuzela - warning
    John Bradshaw - warning
    Tim Koch - warning
    Quentin Nouaud - warning
    Pereira Nuno - warning
    Sertug Yenipazarli - warning
    Patrick Barth - warning
    Jeroen Moerman - warning
    Antonio Armiento - warning
    Chris Shepherd - warning
    Simone Puglisi - warning
    Alessandro Mosca - warning
    Antoine Charcosset - warning
    Paul Au - warning
    Lei Sabino - warning
    Jesper Eriksson - warning
    Petr Kuzela - warning
    Carson Tang - warning
    Peter Juenger - warning
    Luca Pellegrini - warning
    Bart Matyja - warning
    Mihaly Nemeth - warning
    Miha Sporis - warning