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    Good morning all
    I would like to have your point of view on how to properly defend your position in the race.
    I would ask you please not to quote anyone, nor to criticize anyone, this post aims to exchange without animosity, thank you.
    I allow myself to give you mine, which is not a universal truth.
    The following applies to a very close prosecutor.
    First in a straight line:
    Some players zigzag from right to left to avoid continuation of taking the suction.
    From what I know, only one line change is allowed!
    Second at the entrance to a corner
    The player in front must clearly indicate before the entry of the turn what will be his position at the entry of the turn and this at the end of the straight line.
    How many times a player takes the outside and comes back inside while I am next to him !! and he thinks I hit him!
    Many players spend more time looking in the mirrors rather than driving.
    For my part, I defend my position to a certain point, if it is much faster, I let it pass, why?
    If I defend too long while the driver behind is faster, we lose time for the benefit of the pursuers.
    The worst is to change position while braking, this is the insured accident!
    I am not a professional !! Just a video game player!
    iRacing- rFactor2 -Race Room
    I also make lots of mistakes!
    But by respecting a few rules you can really make good fights and go to the end of the race without accident and have fun!
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    If someone is clearly much faster I will usually let them past unless there are only a couple of laps left.

    If defending from an equal pace driver I will usually take a tighter line into a corner and make sure not to leave room for an undercut on the way out.

    If someone is driving erratically behind me I usually let them go too.....chances are they will take themselves off sooner than later, best to not be caught up in that.
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    Thx for your opinion !