Do You Believe In Karma?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Not Lifting Off, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Not Lifting Off

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    Dec 5, 2015
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    Not sure i do!
    Then shit like this happens.
    This afternoon im in a papershop young lad probably late teens in front of me being served, he picks a soft drink from the fridge, not enough money, picks another not enough money, so i give him the small amount he needed to get the first drink he picked.
    Think nothing of it, on with my day walking around town nosing in a few shops as i go, pull my phone out my pocket, start making a call, so im slowly walking and talking and a young woman points and shouts to me, your money, your money, i look around and 10 yrds behind me two £10 notes laying on the floor that had fell out of my pocket, obviously had come out as i pulled the phone out of my pocket, walked back to pick them up still on the phone and laughing at what had happened, didnt have time to thank the young woman she carried on walking i went on my way with the money i nearly lost.
    Crazy shit!

    Total coincedence?
  2. Skybird

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    Mar 31, 2015
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    Karma could be defined as

    1. justice based on the principle of causal responsibility,
    2. the unescapable causal link between cause and consequence, action and result,
    3. the principle by which every single present moment our mind forms the condition of the next mental moment realising itself, thus meaning: karma is the state of mind,
    4. an articulated admittance that one has no idea and no explanation for why something has happened.

    Sorry, could not resist. :)
  3. Goffik

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    Jun 30, 2017
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    I have to say coincidence as I simply don't believe in karma. If karma really existed, there would be a lot less horrible crap happening to good people in the world, and a lot less people getting away with doing that horrible crap.
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    Apr 15, 2018
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    Jan 15, 2015
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  6. FeltHλt

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    Nov 17, 2016
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    i believe
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