English ESR Tuesday's Fun series with the NSU TTS

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    For the next four weeks Tuesday evenings will be all about maximizing momentum and pure racing enjoyment.
    Drafting ? Bump draft? Push and pass ? Yup its all there.
    No divisions, no setup knowledge needed as we drive Tracks voted by the community
    3x 10 minutes Races per round

    First race starts May 12th. Sign up NOW!
    Discord: https://discord.gg/RgNu7eJ

    The session start time will be on 21:00 pm EDT
    Check your time zone here

    Round 1 May 12th: Red bull Ring National
    Round 2 May 19th: Brand Hatch
    Round 3 May 26th: Anderstorp South (Scandinavian Raceway)
    Round 4 June 6th: Mid-Ohio Short

    Mode: Get Real
    Fuel: 1x
    Tyre wear: 1x
    Cut Rules: Drive through
    Mandatory Pit stop: Off
    Mechanical Damage: On
    Wrecker prevention: On
    Race Finish duration : 90 seconds
    Practice (Morning): 30min
    Qualifying (Morning): 10min
    Race x3: 10 minutes top 6 reverse grid
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