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    Jul 27, 2020
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    Got a weird problem with the in game wheel in RaceRoom. When I turn the wheel, it appears to move slightly jerky, the best way I can describe it is looks like the wheel is running at 20 FPS whilst the rest of the game is running at the usual 80 (using Rift S).

    It can't be felt through the FFB and the car doesn't handle strange but it's quite off-putting when you're driving along and the in game wheel movement hitches and catches up to the IRL one.

    Has anyone else had experience of the or is it a known issue?

    Searching for 'stuttering wheel' and variations of that bring up the obvious FFB problems etc. but can't seem to find any instances like my own.

    PC and wheel are fully up to date with all drivers and firmware, all software is up to date and I don't run any additional software besides OtterHUD and Crew Chief.

    Graphics are set to low or off on everything except 4 x AA, tyre marks, car shadows and 15 visible cars (I like it smooth!). Running it in borderless windowed, 1600x900 60hz res, no vsync. Steering animation is set to match setup, rotation is 900° which is matched in the wheel driver software and it's set to display driver wheel and hands.

    I use the IronWolf variation of OpenComposite and set pixels per display pixel override to 1.3 in Oculus Debug Tool.

    Wheel is a Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer with leather rim. PC is a R5 3600x, X570 mobo, 1080Ti, 16GB RAM with basically only R3E and $Racing installed apart from a few other programs so pretty clean.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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