Live gap calculation?

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    Back with another question :D
    Been wondering how the live gap to other cars is calculated because it seems to go up and down at times without one of the drivers really going faster/slower than the other. Say im on the nordschleife going through the small carousel 10 seconds behind my opponent that gap might come down to 7 seconds once were both on the döttinger höhe without me finding 3 seconds through galgenkopf.
    Id guess the game looks at your speed and the distance in metres to your opponents and calculates how long itd take you going at the current speed to get where your opponent is at that moment. I might be off on that though :D
    Id probably prefer it to basically see my opponent was where i am right now 3.527 seconds ago. Wouldnt quite be a live gap anymore and im sure there are consequences im not seeing but i feel like calculating it that way would get me a better feeling of whether or not im gaining/losing time and also in which corners
    The end ;D
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    This is a strange one, a surge of hope as the gap tumbles, only to find you're back to where you were just a corner later. o_O
    Fancy Crew Chief struggles with this also, new algorithm required me thinks!
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    And I think, it was like this before a year or more.
    Somewhere they changed it to this, where it now is.

    Hopefully they do what you describe :(