More risk with LAG at 36 slots?

Discussion in 'Community Workshop' started by NL-Jos, Oct 12, 2017.

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    Best @J-F Chardon or @Georg Ortner or someone else from @Sector3
    When i run a dedicated server with 36 slots i get the message: Having too many players can result in latency issues
    Will this say the change of getting LAG is higher when i have 36 slots instead of 35 slots?
    If this is so, why not a maximum of 35 slots then?
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    This is a warning we have added and set at 36 because it appeared after testing that 35 was around what most common server specs would handle nicely.

    If you have a solid server, feel free to experiment higher amounts. Take a look at the network / CPU useage of your server under regular use and see if it could handle more.
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