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    Thought I'd have some fun by asking what everyone's most embarrassing moment in the game. If you have had one, that is!

    For me it was my first time on the Nordschleife. I was so nervous about tackling the 'Green Hell' that I waited until all other cars were heading out before I pulled out after the last one. I'm making my way around the Nurburgring portion of the combined layout and managing to keep the AI cars in view in the distance. I get on that long run down the backstretch heading towards the chicane and I can see AI cars still on the track far in the distance having already gone past the chicane.

    I arrive down at the bottom of the hill and get through the chicane and realized that the AI cars were no longer in sight. Figuring everyone had turned left to start on the Nordschleife proper I turned left and set about learning the track thinking that I'd have all the time in the world as the AI cars were ahead of me and would be several minutes before completing the lap.

    So I'm taking in the beauty of the track and doing my best to keep my car on the track and not have any big offs, etc. I'm about half of the way around this first lap when suddenly I get a blue flag notification. WHAT?? I thought that somehow an AI car I missed in the pits had been behind me all along. So I moved over to give room as I wasn't going to defend my position on an out lap. One, two, four, seven, 12+ cars suddenly blow past me!! What the??? I'm totally baffled at this point cause now I'm thinking that these cars must be so fast that I have no chance to win a race there, that the Adaptive AI must be on 200% for them to be lapping me already...

    I give chase and try to keep up. As we wind our way around the track I'm seeing how long it takes... then I get suspicious. Something wasn't right. These cars that were lapping me were suddenly not so fast and while some of them pulled away out of sight, most of them were still within reach. After I completed that first lap it finally dawned on me to check the replay, I gotta see how these cars made one loop around the 24 km circuit to lap me down so fast...

    I watch with anticipation on replay and as my car is going down into the bottom area before the chicane where I couldn't see the rest of the track ahead... and I'm tracking one of the AI cars in the group and instead of turning left, they kept going around to the right! What the?? I watched as they went back across the start-finish line and started a new lap...

    Then it hit me, I suddenly remembered watching a VLN race at the combined track and remembered seeing some of the cars doing the loop around the ring before getting on the schleife and commentators pointing out that it would take too long to go around the whole 24k to start a timed lap...


    At least it didn't happen in an online race?? I could imagine people scratching their heads thinking "What's this guy doing? Going it alone around the 'schleife' before getting on the clock!" :oops:
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    haha not bad.

    i had to redo my controller profile one time and somehow messed up mapping the brake pedal.

    Went into an online race straight away, no practice, no qualifying.. just waited for the race to begin as I wanted to start from the back to avoid first corner wreckers (it was Nürburgring GP).

    Then after the start the cars were approaching the first corner (i was on the inside) and the brake marker came.. I stepped into the brake pedal and nothing happened.. so I completely crashed into all the other cars with full speed.

    So embarassing.

    The brake was mapped to a random key I (somehow) happened to press during mapping.

    Oh and another embarassing moment in online racing:
    I took part of the RRVLN season's first race. Much training, driving acceptable times... everything fine... then the race started.. I was in Division 1 and it was a 90 minutes race.

    Race start... I was able to keep up.. was I think 9th.. after 3 minutes into the race I crashed my car (in Ex-Mühle) into the barrier and my engine was dead. LOL
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    I crashed in the last corner at Sebring... on the formation lap :oops: and it was a multiplayer club race in rF2, so there were many witnesses...

    Once I returned to league racing after a circa 4-5 months break... and my debut race was with WTCC cars at the Nordschleife. I accidentally had a perfect start and got myself into the middle of the leading pack... I was so nervous with much faster guys around me that I braked too late and crashed, the fence pushed the car back to the circuit and I almost took out the championship contenders, well that was awkward...

    And I also caused a mass shunt recently in an RD Club race, it was with WTCR cars at Suzuka, I had to lift off the throttle in the middle of 130R, lost the rear and wrecked the entire second half of the field. I think @FeltHλt has a montage which contains it, still have PTSD because of that
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    0:08? :D
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