Nead advice over VR headsets.. (not the expensive stuff)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Schweetz, Dec 28, 2015.

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    Dec 28, 2015
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    Like anybody know.. HTC, Oculus and Playstation are the big 3 about real VR and it would be a cool 'fight' to see who would be the best choise for racing games.. But it's apity for most of us.. Those VR sets would be very pricy and out of range for what you and I can afford.

    So I was searching on VR headsets for the smartphones. And together with applications like Trinus VR you could take your pc game to the screen of your phone with USB 'tethering' and have a cheap VR set for some good 360 action.

    But I wonder.. Has someone already experience with this stuff ? I'm looking now for a very affordable set of 20 euro's for the ShineCon VR set. Is it worth it? Or should I save my money for the Samsung Gear Vr ?
    And yes.. I know, headtracking would be the next isseu.. But first I've to think about this..

    *Another option is to hack my karting helmet and make it a large (single screen) vr set.. I was already planning to make brackets for my 10" tablet and then with a dark black cloth around it for the best experience.. 3 Red dots'//antennas would attached to the outside of the helmet for tracking my head movements.. :). But sssht, that is just a idea I've in mind when the VR headset isn't that good as I'm hoping for.