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    This is odd and shouldn't be, I would keep messing with the settings - with the world scale options in Raceroom I can literally set it up so that the steering wheel in real life matches to an imperceptible amount. Other cars and objects at a distance look correct as well. I am using a vive pro, and for me the issue is it's doesn't have a low enough IPD, but regardless I think we have the same internal panel.

    I have a fanatec mclaren wheel so when I load up the mclaren gt3 to check real world versus virtual, it's insanely close - which for me - and the world scale options were very close to my actual IPD. I find it incredibly hard to adjust this on the fly WHILE my eyes are open. You are really doing a number on your brain if you adjust this while glaring ahead. Your brain is going to try and compensate for this. I recommend, if the wheel is too small (don't use the drivers arms as a guide) click the world scale up 3 times while looking down. Then drive for 45 seconds. If it's still too small repeat. Make sure you are seated correctly, move your head until you bump the steering wheel in real life - make sure those distances are correct before adjusting.

    One thing I will note, the human they have modeled is short, which is often bothersum if you place your head right on top of the neck. I usually alter the virtual seat to be a tad further and taller so I don't feel 5'4" tall.
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    So I hope you can bear with me being a bit of a newb. Just got a Rift and built a PC (i5-7500, GTX 1060, 16 GB RAM) and have been playing with RR. I guess my 2 real questions are, what should I expect for performance and how do I tweak things to get them the best.
    I've done a bunch of reading and my head is full of anacronyms (SS, ASW, ATW) and other big words. So far what I have done is set the global SS to 100% (from the recommended 98%) in Steam VR video settings and then I also left the per app SS for RR at 100% (this would I believe give me a SS rate of 1.0, but in Steam it tells me the resolution will be greater than the 1080x1200 which I believe is the native res of each eye, there is likely something I don't understand here).
    The game seems to run well enough if I select the low in game settings preset (running a race around Sepang in the Formula Junior with 11 AI). If I choose the auto setting I get flicking/ghosting/lagging when moving my head - I plan on trying to dial things in a little by adjusting shadows and a car quality since I've read they have the biggest impact on CPU usage (I believe the CPU is the bottle neck, my GPU usage never seems to get above 70% while CPU is up around 90-100%).

    Sorry for the long post just hoping someone with maybe similar specs could maybe share what I can expect for performance and any tweaks or ways to monitor things.