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    I've been told by many players here on the forums that RaceRoom Racing Experience does not have tyre flex, flat spotting, etc etc and for a sim like this with arguably some of the best (basic) physics, I would think it would have these real life elements.

    We're coming to a day and age where these things will be standard with new sims. Even Forza Motorsport 7 now simulates chassis flex, rFactor 2 has the best tyre model and in my opinion, RaceRoom has the best weight distribution and definitely the best braking mechanics I've seen in a sim.

    I think these missing mechanics are a big deal, especially in times like this where technology is advancing and these sims get more in-depth. Assetto Corsa Competizione is releasing an early access this summer and depending on how successful it is, there could be quite a large competition out there.

    There may be a reason for not having these things. If so, what are they? and for another question, will these realistic mechanics possessed by other sims ever be implimented into R3E? and how accurately would they be simulated?

    Before this thread gets filled with RaceRoom fans accusing me of being a "Forza fanboy" or an "rFactor 2 fanboy" just because I used them as examples, please reconsider your ignorance. Thank you ;)

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    I agree wholeheartedly that more elements of physics in R3E need to be added. You may want to post this(these) question(s) in the wishlist/features thread here, it might get a nice discussion going.

    I would advise not to post stuff like this:
    Unless you want to start a more... unfriendly discussion.
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