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  1. Racki

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    Aug 17, 2015
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    The first release of RaceApp was back in July 2016 and it has been a closed project for a single community as a reporting tool for results.

    Since then many updates and feature enhancements later it has grown to a fully fledged - multi community -multi simulation - league management solution.

    I'd like to give you an introduction what is already here and what is about to come.Taken from the starting page the main features are:

    League Planning
    • Single-Events and Event-Series
    • League Scheduler
    • Multiclass Support (NEW)
    • Self booking system for drivers and teams
    • Extensive, customizable Ruleset
    • Description of Series and Rules
    • Single Event Sign-Out (NEW)
    • Guest Driver Application (NEW)
    • Fully automatic logfile upload and assignment
    • Interactive table of every single lap
    • Sector Times, Theoretical Best, Incidents (NEW)
    • Interactive charts for positions and gaps
    • Calculation of Average and reference laptimes
    • Evaluation of invalid laps
    • Pitstops, Collisions and Cuts
    • Fully automatic league scoring tables
    • Manually editable result scoring (i.e. for penalties)
    • Single- and Teamscoring with replacement Drivers
    • User-defined scoretables for Qualifying, Race and Fastest Racelap
    • Different scoretables during an event series
      (z.B. Double Sprint / Endurance)
    • Fully automatic scratch results (worst events or worst days)
    • Unrated Guest Drivers
    • Multiclass Scoring with Position in Class (NEW)
    • Dynamic Scoring from the real VLN series (NEW)
    • Separate Scoring per Driver Tag (i.e. Rookie Scoring) (NEW)
    • Multi Division / Multi Series Scoring (NEW)
    • Everlasting worldranking including medal table
    • Overall driver evaluation over event series, simulation and community
    • Complete list of particiated Events
    • Complete, fully automatic connector for drivernames, even when changing in-game names
    ... and much more on the road!

    The most current update has just arrived in QA phase and will be released to public SOON. Apart from PCARS2 support it will open RaceApp for the very first time to all communities worldwide.
    Completely Free.

    Now let's get into action. I have provided some typical showcases for racing leagues:

    Sample Community Landing Page with Scheduler:

    Season Scoring Results with Scratchers:

    Single Event Statistics:

    Driver Profile:

    User self booking system:

    You do not need any registration process. Just login with your Steam Credentials!
    The app is available in English and German.

    What is still missing? (I am working on a spotter guide with the official livery images, multiclass support, driver scoring/licensing system and much more)

    I am looking forward to your feedback. What do you think?
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  2. DreamsKnight

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    Dec 14, 2016
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    i'd like to join, also for beta testing. i currently manage manage a couple of league and i can import 4-5 of them.
  3. Racki

    Racki Well-Known Member Beta tester

    Aug 17, 2015
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    Great to hear that! Please join me on the RaceApp Discord Channel so we can set up everything and I can give you some quick start info
  4. DreamsKnight

    DreamsKnight Well-Known Member

    Dec 14, 2016
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    i suggest to all the legue manager to join this site. it works, and chris is a lovely person to speak with and to ask things.
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  5. Mario R.

    Mario R. Member

    Dec 16, 2017
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    great work!
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  6. Mario R.

    Mario R. Member

    Dec 16, 2017
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  7. Racki

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    Aug 17, 2015
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    What's the difference between soon and asap? :D

    RaceApp.eu is already updated to support the added sector times from last weeks R3E Patch!
    You will also get theoretical best laps based on the drivers best sector times reported in the lap table.
    The valid lap parameter is also taken in to account for the statistics.

    The feature is automatically enabled for all new logfile uploads.

    have fun
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  8. Andy Blade

    Andy Blade Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2016
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    @Racki it just keeps getting better ! Great work
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  9. Racki

    Racki Well-Known Member Beta tester

    Aug 17, 2015
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    The huge July Update has just arrived on our servers!

    There are 3 major aspects which were enhanced this time: Single Event Booking, Event Scoring and the 'What's Up' driver overview

    Additionally to the booking at the series page the eventmanager may enable booking on the event level. This is used a) To cancel/confirm single events when you are a standard driver in the series and b) apply as as guest driver.

    The timeframe to use these options is 14 days before the event starts and until the event start. As always, the eventmanager can override settings from the drivers. Guest applications are always a manual process. The driver can apply for an event but the eventmanager has to confirm/deny. There is also the option for the guest driver to leave a comment. For example an alternative car he would like to drive if the first hit is not available anymore. The eventmanager can set a reply comment for example why the participation has been denied or why he has updated the car/livery settings.

    Because of this new event booking feature it was required to move the server join password feature to the event page (info tab). Standard drivers who have cancelled their participation cannot see the password. Guest drivers have to be in confirmed state to be able to see the password. So the password transfer is secure and only those who participate can see it. The server join password on the series page is still there but is used for the training server now.

    At the end of the event participation tab you can see statistics of how many drivers have confirmed/cancelled/unconfirmed state. This helps to decide how many guest may be granted. The cancelled state for standard drivers has an additional feature: You can automatically apply penalty points to drivers who did not show up and did not cancel their participation. Use the added DNS column at the very right of the scoretable configuration for this feature to be enabled.

    • DNF are automatically moved to the end of the results. Some sims showed DNF in the middle of the list especially if you do multiclass.
    • DNF is sorted by the number of completed laps.
    • Assetto Corsa Result state (Finished/DNF) is now automatically calculated
    • The design for scratch results has been updated
    • The Option DnfUnrated was added to distinguish Guest drivers from Standard drivers with DNF state
    • Guest drivers are not taken over to the series score table anymore

    A new main menu item is introduced at the very top. This is the single place where the driver can get all relevant information in one place.
    • Recent Results
    • Upcoming Events
    • Series Standings
    • Todays Races including Participation Status, Booking Data and Server Join Password
    • Search for series where he can sign-up
    • Serarch for events where he can apply as guest starter

    • The series list table is now filtered by active state. Finished series are hidden but can be made visible with the button at the upper right of the table.

    Many thanks to Malte, Martin and Paul for providing valuable feedback. Thanks to Paul once again for providing a great new banner picture!

    As always: The features required much new source code to be written. If you find any glitches please report them to me. Further questions will be answered in the #support channel of the RaceApp Discord Server!

    Have Fun!
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  10. Racki

    Racki Well-Known Member Beta tester

    Aug 17, 2015
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    I forgot to post the August update release notes 1808 here:

    - NEW FEATURE: You can sync all your driver bookings automatically with your Outlook/Google calendar now. You find the link inside your What's up menu.
    - NEW FEATURE: Series Settings were extended with automatic penalty points for no-showers in VLN scoring series.
    - NEW FEATURE: If you use the single event bookings, you can decide now when the booking window opens and closes.
    - Data Privacy in your driver profile: many data is hidden when you are not logged in
    - User Experience: Series with many events had the problem that there were too many colums to display at the detail results. We have a pager here now.
    - User Experience: The form for event editing is improved with a graphical time picker
    - User Experience: Some descriptions and info texts are improved like the fact that RaceApp automatically cares for timezones. - User Experience: At the event page the password information is no longer displayed if the event has already passed.
    - Fix: Events and Series of Inactive Communties are no longer accessible
    - Fix: There was an error message when uploading a community logo
    - Fix: Fastest Driver laps did not work when you edited the fastest lap driver manually
    - Fix: Unlinked Logfiles which are older than 30 days were not automatically deleted
  11. Racki

    Racki Well-Known Member Beta tester

    Aug 17, 2015
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    Also the newest Version has just gone online! Here are the release notes for the September Update V1809:

    We had the first apperance of single event booking in the July update. This time I added some nice features to make this a smooth thing, especially for eventmanagers:
    • Eventmanagers can edit every entry manually. They can also add guests manually or delete/reset booking items.
    • I also got the feedback that comments and dates are required in the display but I did not want to cluster the view. Therefore you have got a show Details checkbox at the end of the page now.
    • Guest Applications are now possible until the event starts. Before that it was limited to the timeframe of standard driver confirmation.
    There are still some 'legacy' drivers from before the GDPR update which have not confirmed the data privacy statement yet. These drivers have been flagged with the info that their account will be deleted with the next update. Just to give them a final chance to keep their data.

    Single Events without a connection to a series are finally gone now. The action pane at the logfile view to create an event has been improved. Now you can select a series where this logfile belongs to. Then a new event in this series is created or an existing event is updated so it matches your logfile. Just depending on your inputs. Strange to explain but the usage should be self explanatory.

    Minor things:
    • Drivers who did not finish a single lap are now also listed in the results table as DNF.
    • Driver Profile links were not working at the event booking page.
    • Sometimes there was an event missing at the What's up page
    • A filter was introduced at the series list view to show only current series. This has been improved to give it a timeframe to show also series which have finished 14 days ago. The filter button was not always visible for drivers and guests.
    • Fastest Lap and Pole Position Points were not calculated in some cases
    • When eventmanagers add drivers to the booking list the lines are now positioned at the top of the table for better usability on mass editing.
    • The icons which show the community logos now have links to the community landing page
    • Driver profile page was enhanced with community logos for events and series
    • New Social Media buttons at the left menu
    • When manually editing multiclass results the points were taken from the absolute position. This was fixed to calculate the points for position in class.

    Have fun with all these improvements!
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  12. Mario R.

    Mario R. Member

    Dec 16, 2017
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    great work mate!
  13. Racki

    Racki Well-Known Member Beta tester

    Aug 17, 2015
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    Oh boy, I really forgot to update this thread with the newest release infos o_O

    October Update aka V1810
    1) Until now Multiclass Results showed the absolute Position of the driver in every table. With this update we show the Position in Class (PiC). This changes the tables at the series scoring, the driver rating tables and many appearances more.

    2) There is a new permission system where a community owner can change the eventmanager on the series. Furthermore it is even possible to set a second eventmanager for the series as a backup. This has been a frequently asked feature by many communities. (Note: The creator of an event is still eventmanager of that single event even if the manager of the series changes. This behaviour may change in a future update.)

    3) When you use the event booking system, the behaviour has been changed so unconfirmed standard drivers do not see the server join password anymore. That means you have to confirm your participation to see the password!

    4) Fixing the qualifying results of an event when there are drivers without a single lap.

    XMAS Update aka V1812:
    A graphical livery browser was introduced for Raceroom. Activate it with a new checkbox in the series settings. When in booking mode you can see which liveries are already taken by fellow drivers. You can also choose different liveries with the same number on it (The Porsche with the #911 was such a special case). The limitation rules follow that so you can say every livery can be used only once. Please note that some liveries are not available in the RaceRoom store any more. They show just as a number in RaceApp without an image. Thanks to the support from Sector3 the missing images will be added soon.

    What else? When creating a scoretable you have an automatic button now where you just enter the number of drivers and the app gives you a best practice scoretable.

    Assetto Corsa has received some descriptions in the log import page for dealing with mods. Finally there were some fixes for usability in the series settings. The requirement for a mandatory second eventmanager is gone. It is also checked if you have selected a valid simulation and if you enable team scoring it is ensured that you have entered the required membercount of the team.

    The infos for the newest updates are available soon, so stay tuned :cool:
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  14. Racki

    Racki Well-Known Member Beta tester

    Aug 17, 2015
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    Here we go again into 2019 with the newest Update V1902! This update is dedicated to all the great communities out there and therefore is focusing on the feature requests you brought up to me! Some things are still on my list, but keep calm - I hear you!

    1) RaceRoom's GT Masters 2018: Performance Class has been set to GT3, so it can be used together with the other cars from the GTR-3 class.

    2) Managed Event Settings has been enhanced with an Track Layout selector. It is optional to fill out and logfile matching will not depend on it. However it will be visible in the header of the event page. We'll need it for future features.

    3) Managed Event Settings have got a checkbox for Unrated Test events: Use it for preseason events. Their results will not be transfered into the series scoring table. Test events will also be ignored when calculating driver statistics.

    4) The missing liveries for Raceroom have been added: Thanks to the great guys from Sector 3 we also got the rare liveries which are not available in the store any more but you have purchased in the past (i.e. Ruf). To prevent someone selecting them in the booking and finding out that he cannot buy them anymore the browser has got a Special Livery tagging.

    5) Eventlogging for Series and Events: Eventmanagers will see an additional tab at the series and at the event page. All actions from the users will be listed there including the date/time of their action. You wanted to know what happened when, so here you are! Recording of events starts with this update now.

    6) Easier Login Username: When you have created an RaceApp.eu account through your login with steam, you are able to set up a local RaceApp password to be able to login without Steam. That's nothing new. New is the fact that you can enter your SteamId or your display name from your driver profile as your login name now.

    7) Driver to community matching: The app is now tracking in which communities the drivers are active. If you do 3 races within the last 12 months (excluding guest appearances and testraces) you will be added to a community. Also removed if you let go. Active communities are visible in the driver profile.

    8) Driver ranking per community: If you use a community specific URL you will see only the drivers of the selected community in the drivers list. The statistics are also filtered on this selected community.

    Minor things:
    *) The gap diagram in the event statistics initially shows the times in reference to your own times if you have participated in the selected event
    *) The main menu button finally works on mobile devices
    *) Inactive series' events are not visible any more in scheduler lists. Inactive series can only be accessed if you are the eventmanager.
    *) On the what's up page the confirmation buttons for participation were not always right
    *) The error when creating a series with enabled livery browser is fixed
    *) Race count in the booking tab correctly calculates DNS entries
    *) Loading performance should be a bit better when accessing event results
    *) Some typos and design glitches were fixed

    Have fun and as always: Keep the pedal to the metal!
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  15. Heath

    Heath Well-Known Member

    Nov 5, 2016
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    Thankyou @Racki for all your hard work and on support. :D
  16. Racki

    Racki Well-Known Member Beta tester

    Aug 17, 2015
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    RaceApp Update 1903 has just arrived!
    We have some nice features for eventmanagers and some polishing for specific views. Here are the details:

    Dealing with event definitions which automatically link logfiles is still an topic which needs explanation and support.
    Therefore we have improved the process with the following aspects:

    1) The Event definition on the series page has got a new checkbox for automatic / manual logfile linking. If you use the manual mode the application will not search for logfiles based on the event parameters. Instead you can link logfiles manually to such an event without interfering with the event settings. You can even link multiple logfiles to an event.

    2) The userinterface on the logfile view has been given some love to result in a better user experience. You have a detailled message on the button what is going to happen. The interface supports now various operations like creating a new event, changing event definitions to match the logfile and use the new manual linking for the events mentioned in (1)

    3) The logic to map the drivernames from the logfile to the useraccounts inside of RaceApp.eu was completely rewritten from scratch. The new code allows to use SteamIds for Assetto Corsa instead of the registered in-game name list you know from your driver profile. So no need to add you AC in-game name to your profile. The new logic has also got improved performance.

    1) The community list view was completely redesigned and shows a nice overview with the current series and the ammount of active drivers in each community. Since this is a great overview even as a jump in point all this information was promoted to become the starting page. The descriptive information which has been on the starting page was moved to the help section.

    2) The various settings and options at the series page have grown rapidly in the last months. Because of that the items were structured with intuitive headings.

    We have received several requests for providing a more granular selection of cars in the booking process. We are happy to introduce the 'Limit Models' and 'Exclude Models' options in the series settings with this update. Use 'Limit Models' option to allow only some specific cars of the selected class(es). This allows you innovative series like running an Audi R8 Cup or battle with only BMWs of different generations. The 'Exclude Models' option allows to take away models from the available classes. Maybe one specific car is overpowered or perhaps you would like to exclude Mustangs and Camaros in the GT3 field.

    - It was not possible to delete series and events which has referenced eventlog entries
    - The event scoring calculation had problems when fastest lap points got confronted with guest drivers.

    Assetto Corsa Competizione and rFactor2 are two simulations which are on the roadmap for RaceApp. However we need to wait for future updates of these simulations to get the best out of it. You will be glad to hear that there will also be new RaceRoom features in the near future.
    Anyway there will be another RaceApp update scheduled for April which will contain massive enhancements for fans of statistics.

    I hope you love this new update as much as I do.
    As always: Keep in contact for support, feature requests and bugfixes.
    Keep the pedal to the metal :)
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  17. Wutzmann

    Wutzmann Member

    Jan 11, 2016
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    Danke Chris, deine RaceApp ist eine große Hilfe für uns und es macht richtig Spaß damit zu arbeiten!

    Solltest du Unterstützung benötigen, melde dich bitte bei uns wir helfen, wenn wir können.
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  18. Racki

    Racki Well-Known Member Beta tester

    Aug 17, 2015
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    Good news everyone... Update 1904 has just been deployed to the live servers!
    The focus this time is on expanding the statistics massively aswell to iron out some issues.

    Event statistics:
    • The position diagram in the stats tab now shows the starting position (=qualifying order) as a first datapoint. It only works if you have a qualifying session in the event of course.
    • We have a brand new progress of laptimes chart. It automatically selects the best guess of two drivers (yourself, Winner, Second Place) but you can switch drivers as you like to compare times. The color of the bar charts show who's laptime is quicker and you get a direct match result in the header.
    2019-04-01 11_30_03-Window.png
    • The performance details table shows the same data we had before but was extended with a button switcher for sector times.
    • The incident details give you more insight now for the reason of the incident (off track, car collision, track collision, others) Here I also introduced brandnew rating metrics: IpH (Incidents per Hour) and CpH (Collisions per Hour). They are calculated on the individual total race time of the driver. I am looking forward to your feedback how these counters work for you. Let me know how you work with them!
    2019-04-01 11_32_02-Window.png
    • The race progress table shows the gain or loss of positions comparing the qualifying result and the final race position.We also have a counter for lead laps and pit stops. The delta pitstop time is calculated in a special way: it sums up the difference of sector 3 of the in-lap and sector 1 of the out-lap compared to your reference sector times.
    • The app automatically hides columns which do not apply like PiC in non-multiclass, Pitstops in a sprint race, and so on.
    2019-04-01 11_31_08-Window.png

    Series statistics:
    • There is a brand new statistics tab on the series page too!
    • Participation and Success shows Number of Races, Top Positions, DNS and DNF.
    • Qualifying and Race Performance gives you insight about the best/average qualifying/race positions and shows if you have gained positions compared to the season standings before the last event.
    2019-04-01 11_34_05-Window.png
    • Incidents and Rating gives you the sum of event incidents (off track, car collision, track collision, others) aswell as an overall IpH/CpH rating. I have experimented with a heatmap colorstyle for the ratings (CpH red color = 5, IpH red color = 10). Does that work for you?
    2019-04-01 11_35_08-Window.png
    • Data is automatically hidden where support is lacking (i.e. PCARS1). AC incidents to not show correlation to a timestamp or lap - this is why I could not support this data too.

    • Raceroom: DTM 92 and Touring Classics do not share the same performance class anymore to respect the upcoming physics updates.
    • The community list screen has a more tolerant filter for inactive communities now. It looks if there was an event in the past 30 days.
    • The dropdown on the logfile header was improved in the same way. So you can attach logfiles to the end of a series easily.
    • Support for uploading PCARS1 logfiles has been dropped.

    • Some users reported that the new logfile assign buttons from the last update were not visible
    • PCARS2 did not show the same results as in-game. This is because the sum of the laptimes were not equal to the total racetime in the logfile. I gave it some tweaks to show the same result as ingame however this is a bug in the game itself.
    • PCARS2 did not show the correct RaceApp driver names within the lap incident details.
    • Assetto Corsa logfile upload had a problem in some rare situations

    Hope you like it! Have fun investigating all the new possibilities!
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  19. Racki

    Racki Well-Known Member Beta tester

    Aug 17, 2015
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    Update News! Version 1906 has just been pushed to the live servers! Here are the release notes:

    The details:
    • Event Penalty System: Separate table on the scoring page, where to enter penalties and their reason. Do not write penalty into the corrected points column anymore.
    • Event Penalty System: Asked for it many times and now here it is..... Time Penalties!
    • Series Score Table: Penalty column and penalty details in table cells
    • Series Settings: Button for alternative series color
    • Series Settings: Navigation tab stays after saving and page refresh
    • Series Settings: Event Manager has been renamed to series manager to avoid confusion with the community event manager
    • Community List: A description for driver count has been added because you have of course much more members than the counter suggests
    • Raceroom Log Import: Server starttime field is added and now this new value is visible in the logfile properties. Watch out when you autolink logfiles to your events that you need to update starttimes now.
    • Raceroom Log Import: UserId, UserWeightPenalty, CarWeightPenalty have been added to the database import. Automated penalty weights managed by RaceApp in future???
    • Donation Button has been removed. Google Ads will be inserted instead soon
    • Fix: Fastest Lap Driver and Pole Driver Calculation in Scoring Tab were missing
    • Series Scoring Tie Break: If drivers share the same points the systems compares who has more wins, 2nd places, 3rd places and so on to give a distinct position instead a shared position
    • Assetto Corsa Competizione: The developement and the testing proceeds well but the features are not public yet. We are waiting for Kunos to implement features for logfile output.
    • Start page with community list: Visible Content is reduced on small (mobile) screens for more clarity
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  20. Racki

    Racki Well-Known Member Beta tester

    Aug 17, 2015
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    Update News! Version 1908 is online now!

    Early Access Accounts will experience:
    • ACC: Entry List Generator, Livery Browser, Log Import with Result Analysis (Driverswap is supported but only primary driver will be listed in the App)
    • rF2: Log Importer finetuning to latest feedback and bug reports
    • R3E: Quickresult Report working just in local browser without anything else (experiment for future)
    • Event Scheduler: Which community is driving which series on which days? Available through Button on the What's up page Appart from early access we have some

    News for all users:
    • NEW: Fairness Rating table on series statistics page
    • R3E: United WTCR 18/19 performance classes
    • R3E: Entry List csv report with R3E UserIds available from the event page
    • FIX: Series scoring happend to produce duplicate drivers in some cases

    Any feedback appreciated. I am here to hear you :)
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