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    It's time to unveil the newest plans for the future of RaceApp!

    RaceApp League Management serves as a mature solution for many leagues now. But there is another gap which I think can be leveraged as a major improvement for organizers. RaceApp Server Manager is going to jump in here. What can you expect?
    (disclaimer: this is a preview list - subjects may change!)

    1. Better control for public servers
    • Logging to File (Timestamp, Player Join/Leave, Chat Messages, Incidents, Server session activity)
    • Showing the Raceroom internal UserIds to their names because you may use them for ban, weights and so on
    • Auto Kick dependent on incident points and/or track behaviour (Stationary on Track, Driving wrong direction) to get rid of griefers
    • Auto Kick events can be reviewed and those users may be added to a ban list
    • Ban list exchange via RaceApp
    • In-Game Chat triggeres server features (skip to next session, kick, ban)

    2. Server automation
    • Server Manager will read series events from RaceApp and configure the server for you
    • The server may be started fully automatic at the defined event start time
    • Fully automatic server join for drivers (without selecting server or entering password, car or livery)

    3. Server maintenance
    • Automatic version update from Steam with stopping/starting the server when required
    • Notifications to admin on specific server events (updates)
    • View server list and status within RaceApp

    How does it work from technical perspective? Just start a small console application on the same machine where you are running the server. You have a configuration file for specific settings there. Everything other is fully automatic.

    When will it be released? There will be a beta version delivered only upon request starting with July 2019. When we agree that the tool is stable we will release it to public. The first release will only include a small feature set from the list above. Further releases depend of your interest in the project.

    What will it cost? Following the RaceApp strategy it will be free but you may add a subscription for premium features on top.

    I am looking forward to your feedback and ideas!
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  2. Racki

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    Aug 17, 2015
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    [Reserved for Release Notes]
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    Hello, i am really interrested, we just started to update our league website / system and I am looking for options to automatize the servers (we have 2 divisions)