International RWB International - GT3 Masters Cup - New members welcome!

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    Following on the heels of our just complete Raceroom GT3 league is season 2, expanded to include all ADAC cars too - These league races take place on Saturday's at 21:30 GMT.

    If you are interested in participating, hop on to our discord server and introduce yourself:

    Before the league starts, we will be hosting various races/events that will act as a sort of try-out / entry point, mainly to ensure you are a clean, considerate racer, willing to follow our club rules. Pace itself is not important, drivers of varying skill levels are welcome.

    We also race pretty much every night from 21:30 GMT onward.

    One of our prior races (starts at 20:14).

    Special Thanks to @Scout for the excellent R3E Reality Broadcast overlays we use in all our event streams.
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