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    The RWB International Invitational

    Dear Reader,
    The NTT IndyCar Series is looking to showcase their high tech, open wheeler machinery to a European audience in an exhibition race this coming 24th of May. We're hosting the exhibition at The EuroSpeedway Lausitz and we've been asked to cordially invite you to get behind the wheel of one of 36(TBD) Indy Cars. We've been in contact with a local promotion company, RWB International, who're running the event. They've been invested with full administration powers by the NTT management committee, so please forward any questions or queries to them via the following communication channel:

    Your skill and sportsmanship out on track has earned you quite the reputation and your agent said you're more than competent for the job. We've no doubt of your abilities but these cars are not to be underestimated. 700 BHP, no traction control or ABS make these cars quite the handful. The NTT want you to put on the best show possible but, bringing the car home and in one piece is of the utmost importance.

    To ensure all invitational drivers are up to speed with the car and track layout, we've hired Eurospeedway out for the next 2 weeks. You're free to make full use of the facilities during this time to practice and prepare for the race. There's 20 teams and affiliate sponsors (liveries) looking for signups, you can submit your booking request via the form below:

    Again, congratulations on qualifying for the NTT IndyCar RWB International Invitational, we look forward to seeing you out on track.

    Server Name :
    RWB International Invitational

    Server Password :

    Date and Time :
    24/05/20, 20:30 UK BST

    Format :
    15 Mins Qualy
    1 Hour Race

    Realism :
    Mandatory Pitstop
    Tyre Degradation 1x
    Fuel Use 1x
    Full Damage, including suspension and flat spotting.
    Assists are allowed, factory is encouraged.

    Car Class :
    Formula US - Indy Cars

    Track Selection :
    EuroSpeedway Lausitzring Grand Prix

    Sign ups :
    booking password is dee​
    Catch you out on track!
    RWB cHackz0x12 & RWB Greedeemee