Samsung Odyssey+ 60Hz WMR mode = Sharpness!

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    Just wanted to share what I recently have found to be the sharpest visuals while using the Odyssey+, and a good balance between graphical fidelity and smoothness.

    I recently discovered in the WMR settings, a switch that allows a change to the refresh rate of the HMD, from 90Hz to 60Hz. Keep in mind this option only exists for WMR headsets.

    After following the VR settings guide found on the forums here, I was struggling to hit 90fps with the recommended graphics settings, which I would call medium, at best.

    While the WMR reprojection can create a somewhat smooth experience at 45fps, it introduces some artifacts that I find to be immersion breaking, such as enhanced shimmering of distant objects, and obvious frame skipping when looking at all to the sides. Any antialiasing seems to be diminished by the mismatching frames, reducing the sharpness of the visuals.

    I knew the 60Hz switch existed, but had never tried it. It’s primarily for lower end systems that can’t maintain 90fps, and is probably not designed for typical, non-seated experiences. I run an i7 8700k and a 1080Ti, which is not enough for most sims, as most of you probably already know. Most often, we have to compensate the visual clarity for smoothness.

    Now, I am able to set the steam resolution scale to 150%, with medium settings in sim apart from 8x MSAA!! With those settings, RRRE is running at a constant 60fps and is smoother than reprojection, and the visuals are sharper than anything I have ever seen in an HMD. I own the CV1 and Vive OG as well. I have done limited testing, but feel like the graphics could even be pushed higher.

    It seems that in most scenarios, I’m able to push somewhere between the now minimum of 60fps and the unachievable 90fps, which is where the 60Hz mode makes sense.

    There are a couple of drawbacks however. One is that the screen is dimmer in the 60Hz mode, as well as the menus are a bit straining on the eyes. But once in the race, like I said before, I find to be the best balance between visuals and smoothness. In particular, the sharpness.

    It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have a WMR headset, it’s worth a shot.
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