SimHub Overlays for Raceroom. Similar to those in Pcars 2

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    So, having recently moved over to Raceroom from Pcars 2 (will still play PC2), I was missing some of the UI elements that I found quite useful for awareness, such as the relative times display, showing who is in front / behind you, even if you are lapping or being lapped.

    They are just variants of what's available in simhub, so all credit to the simhub team, I just made tweaks and adjustments to get what I wanted and thought them worthy of sharing with the community.


    Install SimHub (links below)
    Download the templates (links below)
    Unzip templates to: C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub\DashTemplates

    So you have
    C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub\DashTemplates\Relative Position HUD
    C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub\DashTemplates\Top 5 Leaderboard

    In SimHub,
    1) Go to Dash Studio > Overlays
    2) Click New Overlay
    3) Click Add Overlay
    4) Choose the Top 5 and/or Relative position hud, etc.
    5) Place them where you want them, you can also resize them as required.
    6) When done, click Save Layout and Stop Edit.

    You will then find a new layout entry with a load button to the right Also, via Dash Studio > Settings, set the option "Keep overlay layout editor minimized on layout load" to checked.

    The game should be run in Windowed Borderless so you can use the overlays.

    Simhub is available here:

    Template Downloads here:

    Screenshots are just for example purposes, you can obviously pick and choose, position them and resize them as required etc.
    Various Leaderboard displays, including a relative position on track one, showing those behind / infront regardless of their lap/overall position

    Leaderboard, relative timing, radar (like helicorsa)

    Relative 10 player leaderboard, top 10 if you are in top 10, or top 5 and those in front / behind you if you are lower down.

    Flashing Pit limiter overlay, because its not obvious in all vehicles.
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    I´m getting a "reconnecting" error message on screen in game even though the overlays are all displayed and working. Any ideas how to get rid of it?