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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Badgerous, May 16, 2020.

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    I watched this vid a while ago and decided to build my own, identical in every way except i used simcommander to control it, you can see in his teardown exactly what parts are included\needed, less than £100 to diy it, most expensive parts were the speakers @ £60, amps and sound card less than £15.

    I didnt rate it or enjoy it, uncomfortable to sit on, just couldnt find a decent way to cover the pucks so i couldnt feel them digging into my body while at the same time able to feel what they were outputting, i think he says somewhere in his vid about the foam they used and how uncomfortable it was, they need to be in a moulded seat or something like that, you`ll end up trying to cover them for comfort and then stifling the feeling. Controling them was easy enough with SC4 with an ok output in RR.

    It does exactly what it is supposed to do but too uncomfortable for me to keep using them, ended up selling mine on Ebay.

    £250 for that kit when you could with a little effort build it for around £100, overpriced, uncomfortable, not enough power.

    My opinion.
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