Steering rack ffb setting?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Loki-D, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Loki-D

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    Nov 28, 2018
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    Now I swear that this setting never did anything to the ffb a couple of months ago in rr. Now after recently found interest in rr this setting actually does something.

    For me it serves as almost like a volume dial, For the lateral tyre setting above it. The higher it is the less steer forces on the wheel... and the less is more force on the wheel.

    That's what I seem to able to work out from it.anyway.

    But I'm sure this rack setting did nothing before
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  2. MattStone

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    Mar 6, 2016
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    I agree; I’ve played around with it in the past and found it made no difference but now it’s a must to have turned up.
    One thing I have noticed is that the forces now feel more natural with it turned on. The biggest difference is when a tyre rides over a curb, leaves the ground and lands; or when the car gets a little airborne etc.

    I fricken love it

    I’m using a fanatic v2.5 base. In game I have the rack set to 80% of where the other forces are set
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  3. Alex Hodgkinson

    Alex Hodgkinson Sector3 Developer

    Jun 5, 2017
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    Fanatec 2.5 here, and in Dev (where we have a few more ffb features cooking) I set rack to 100..
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  4. Goffik

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    Jun 30, 2017
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    I haven't touched the setting for at least 18 months, but it definitely did something back then. If memory serves it made the wheel feel very heavy, which I didn't like at all. I set it to 100 and haven't looked back since.
  5. FormelLMS

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    Apr 8, 2015
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    Why not the Podium? Don't you like it?