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    The dream of becoming a real race driver: Sitting behind the wheel of a race car, fighting for positions, wins and championships and feeling the adrenaline. Man versus man, car versus car. But because of the high costs and hurdles in motorsports, it remains a dream for most racing fans and simracers.


    But now, your dream of becoming a real racing driver can become a reality! We are looking for one SUPER RACER, who will compete the whole 2020 season in the Porsche Sprint Challenge Central Europe in a Porsche GT4 by Team Lechner Racing. Compete in the five time attack competitions, qualify in the top 30 for the live streamed multiplayer races, and with a good performance, either qualify for the bootcamp directly, where your simracing skills, fitness and mental strength will be tested (Multiplayer Standings P1-P3), or receive a 2nd chance in the Joker Challenge at the Essen Motor Show (Multiplayer Standings P4-P9). You need to be 18 years of age on 01.02.2020 and be in possession of a legal driving license. You do NOT need to have a racing license. There is one drop score.


    In addition, there will be a separate competition, only for female simracers, called SUPER RACER KART. We are looking for 5 drivers in the German Team Championship (GTC) for Schnitzelalm Racing. Take part in the Hockenheim time attack, and register here additionally, if you are a female racer and want to make the step into real racing! Same rules: P1-P3 go directly into the bootcamp, P4-P9 into the Joker Challenge. You need to be 16 years of age on 01.02.2020 and be in possession of a legal driving license. You do NOT need to have a racing license.

    This year, no one needs to have a racing license ahead! The car is free to drive in the competition, you need to own the track.
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    No ladies in the "Ladies only" comp so far....or are they just ladies on the weekend? Ha ha.
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    Did you just assume my gender? o_O
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    A courageous jump on a railing, to peak your voice, a good dress from mom and Green-Green-Green?

    Nah seriously i thought there would be plenty of Women driving it, sad :/
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