The stories of the R3E brands- a FanFiction

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    Hi guys!
    In Raceroom, we've got a massive amount of real car manufacturers and tuning brands, but some of them were invented by the Raceroom developers. As nobody knows about them anything (only our dear devs do-please leave your idea behind the brands below, if you find the stories interesting or worth a mention), I thought about creating a fictional story behind them. Without further ado, here we go!
    Our first brand is the oldest of them all. Mistral-their cars are fast like the wind. Whoever saw one of these beauties, will never forget them. Mistral is all about speed and perfection.
    Located in France near Le Castellet, Mistral Inc. was founded by car enthusiast Mick Monteil de Mistral in 1912. Speed records for cars were climbing as were the death rates of those fearless drivers. Monsieur Mistral recognised that, if one wants to hold the speed record for more than a month, one should build fast cars that are reliable enough to be used and to be optimised for future record attempts. In building the first ever seatbelt, he also managed to keep his driver going for three more races (after that, he decided to leave the team-traumatised by the insane speeds he had to withstand over and over again).
    Today, as in the past, Mistral competes in the worlds fastest motorsport categories, the Prototype Classes. And as in the past, the cars need to be durable enough to hold, in this case, 24 hours of racing. With their flagships, the M530 and the M531, Mistral still is ready to compete against strong competitors-and can look back on one of the most traditional history. Still, the team operates near the Circuit Paul Ricard, where a straight is named after them-one of the longest and therefore fastest, too. And still, Mistral perfectionises their cars to the limits. It took them four years to release their current prototypes and they are still working on more improvements.

    DMD-Dynamic Motorsports Development
    The newest and strongest competitor in the Prototype Categories, DMD, is hitting new marks in the sport. DMD was formed in 2005 by releasing their P1 and P2 programme. The DMD P20 and the DMD P21 represent the latest generation of Prototypes, the second, to be correct. The goal of DMD was to rival Mistral in the overall championship and to win the most prestigious race in the calendar-the 24h of Raceroom Raceway. And they succeeded so in 2009 with the second generation of racecars. The DMD's are radical and relay on pure power and torque. Only the biggest engines are the best and accelaration is key. Reliability problems occured some times in their first consecutive two years as a Prototype brand. But these now belong to the past, as DMD is the new team to beat in the top classes. Formed and operating in Lidköping, Sweden, their trustful and reliable small team stands behind cars and drivers. DMD needs to develop their new cars fast or the opponents might grab the next title. But their newest crop of insanity is still soonTM to be released...

    Canhard Motors Union
    Started as a utility vehicle company to deliver their ducks faster than they could fly (or swim), Canhard never really made the approach to step up to the glory Prototype Sports. Formed in 1909 as Canhard, in 1932 as Canhard Union, reformed after WW2 and fusioned in 1969 as Canhard Motors Union, the German Outfit sells hatchbacks to their customers. It was Georg Ortmann who created the first sporty cars to compete in VLN races: The R50 twins. The Canhard R51 and R52 (V6, I5) also serve as reference models for their Silhouette Concepts in the worldwide championships. Driving a Canhard is always like riding a duck: Good on tarmac, very good in the water, not so well if in the air. The Silhouette Beasts designed by Canhard perform well against their strongest competitor, Cougar. But is well enough? The rich in history Canhard team is a large company with privateers buying licences, cars and teams to compete in the championships. Can they make the difference against hungry cougars?

    Cougar Performance Automotive
    If anything describes Cougar best, then it's this: Wild, brutal and unpredictable. Their cars are made to perform well on streets and perfect on tracks. They are as balanced as the animal while climbing the highest curbs and yet so fast to bite the green ducks in their backs. Formed in 1922 in Great Britain, this company joined the Silhouette Sport in 2010. Their two cars, the C14-1 and the C14-2 are based on the same road car model but live in two different worlds. The light C14-1 is quick out of corners, while the ultra grippy and precise C14-2 gets him into the corners. Cougar is fighting hard against their main opponent, Canhard. But Cougars history speaks for themselves. Alex Hedgehog, CEO of the company once said: If our cars were not perfect in the past despite winning championships, we make them even faster to theoretically win two championships in one year! But is Cougar overastimating themselves? Or is this statement just pure facts?

    You can find out by yourself which team you want to join! All of their cars are for free in the game! Drive epic endurance races on the Raceroom Raceway or race wheel to wheel at Stowe with some awesome Silhouette Cars!

    Thanks to StepUnique for finally providing good quality logos of all the brands :)


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