Tyre temperature dropping too fast for wtcc wtcr at Bathurst straight

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    @Alex Hodgkinson

    Possible bug at tyre model

    I tried WTCC 2014 at Bathurst for few laps, the tyre temperature drops very fast, at the end of the race, I have around 59 at the front and 35 at the rear.

    I also tried WTCR as well at Bathurst, the tyre temperature also drops, but not as quick as WTCC 2014

    The temperature drops quite fast at the long straight.

    Is this a bug?

    As a FF driver myself, I think that front tyre temperature should be more than FR car because front wheel is doing everything. I know in track day a FF car consumes much more rubber than a FR car at the front tyre

    I start playing WTCC again due to updated tyre model and suspension geometry and it is very enjoyable. Good work.
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    Yes, that's pretty normal behaviour for those cars. The tyres are worked hard half the lap, and the other half they're pretty much having a rest, so heat built in the hard part is dissipated on the straights.

    Rear tyres are just stopping the tail from scraping the ground as you should know so there's little to no chance of heating them up!
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