VR Performance Tweaks & Tips

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thomas Jansen, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Thekan76

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    Feb 12, 2015
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    I tried to read this thread from start to finish, but I've found too many information that confuse me.

    Some good boy, can suggest me a good setting up for my rig?

    AMD 3600 X (no oc)
    MSI GTX 1080 X
    16 GB RAM
    Oculus Rift S

    I'm a novice, start from zero about VR.
  2. Balrog

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    Apr 10, 2015
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    The settings mentioned in the OP are a good start, I'm using those as well. But if your config can't maintain 90 FPS with them, try lowering track details and shader quality to low, they are not really noticable in VR, but help with performance.
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  3. pflynhi

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    Mar 16, 2018
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    I have a 2600X, RTX 2070 Super, 32gb Ram and a Rift S
    I use the settings in the OP but turn shadows and car shadows off and it stays at 80 fps. The contact shadows keep the cars from looking like they are floating on the track so that's good enuff for me. And believe me I'd love to have the immersion from the trees, objects and car shadows but even at the lowest setting or switching one off and running the other (shadows/car shadows) always results in fps dips.