Question VRR, V-SYNC, FPS limiter, frame times, FFB

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    Yes, a lot at the same time, but they seem to be related. And I can't find anything on the forums nor when googling.

    I got a Fanatec DD, 60 Hz Freesync monitor, AMD graphics card. Not a strange setup.

    When I enable v-sync in-game, enable Freesync in the AMD control panel, use RTSS to cap the frame rate at 57 FPS, I get an absolutely smooth and fluid picture and a totally flat frame time graph. The FFB also feels good. Input lag seems to be insignificant.
    If I disable the FPS limiter, I get a strangely stuttery picture despite a flat frame rate graph, but the most strange is that the FFB becomes really "robotic", as if it suddenly started working at 15-30 Hz or something.

    When I tried different graphics settings and my FPS really bottomed at like 35 FPS, the FFB also got super bad, that robotic feeling again.

    I've had "anti-lag" enabled in the Radeon software. Could this be the issue?

    I'll do more experimenting but thought you might find it interesting as well. Or maybe you can help me troubleshoot and understand this.

    Edit: Just tried turning of AMD anti-lag and doing the same race as before. Instantly it felt like someone increased the resolution of the FFB. The picture itself was as fluid as before, no difference. And I don't think I'm imagining things.
    Is there some kind of bug or incompatibility causing anti-lag to throw away FFB signal? Does freesync/vsync do this as well? And FPS drops in general?
    Testing continues.

    Edit 2: V-sync and Freesync on, and FPS limiter at 57, looks and feels best. I've never felt or seen anything better and I'm super happy, so I'll leave it here. But I'm still curious as to what causes FFB to change at different FPS and settings to V-sync, Freesync and anti-lag.

    Edit 3: So AMD's FPS limiter "chill" works much worse than RTSS. RTSS is perfect while Chill affects both fluidity and FFB. What's going on...

    Best so far: RTSS at 57 FPS, Freesync and V-sync on. Everything in AMD Radeon control panel at standard (anti-lag off). The picture and motion feels like 1000 Hz and FFB is excellent.

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