Which Fanatec Wheel to Buy?

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Which Fanatec Rim to buy next?

  1. Porsche 918 RSR

  2. ClubSport Steering Wheel R300

  3. ClubSport GT Forza Motorsport (leather grip)

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  4. ClubSport GT XBOX ONE AUS (suede leather grip)

  1. MattStone

    MattStone Well-Known Member

    Mar 6, 2016
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    Father's Day is around the corner so it's time for me to start dropping some hints to the family :)
    Currently I'm using the Fanatec McLaren wheel but I'd like to get another GT wheel but I can't decide between the..
    • Porsche 918 RSR
    • ClubSport GT Forza Motorsport (leather grip)
    • ClubSport GT XBOX ONE AUS (suede leather grip)
    • ClubSport Steering Wheel R300

    I'm using the v2.5 base but don't use high ffb strength.

    I love the ffb fidelity coming through the McLaren wheel but I'm wondering how the heavier GT wheels feels?
    If you have both wheels I'd love your opinion.

    Does the 33cm wide GT rim feel too "wide"?

    And finally which is more comfortable; the leather or suede grip?

    Thanks for your feedback
  2. Sosruko

    Sosruko Member

    Jan 6, 2018
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    My rim is 30cm and it's just right, 1:1 size with real R8 GT3 wheel. The lighter and more rigid the better, 33cm sounds way too large for GT cars in my opinion. I get the best feel with suede grip and driving gloves. If you dislike using gloves then leather is only smart option.
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  3. ravey1981

    ravey1981 Well-Known Member Beta tester

    Apr 15, 2018
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    320mm is the size used in Porsche cup cars and a lot of touring cars. Anywhere between 300 and 330 is fine for a round wheel. If you like to do rallying then consider a slightly larger 350mm rim.

    In short pick the rim that matches the cars you most like to drive. Also consider the universal hub and a "real" wheel.
  4. lina cruise

    lina cruise New Member

    Nov 2, 2019
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    I suggest you to buy
    ClubSport Steering Wheel R300