Bug Yellow flag penalties at Suzuka GP

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by Stiggy, Aug 13, 2019.

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    When running an online race at Suzuka GP with flag rules set to complete, if there is a yellow flag just before the bridge after Degner 2 there can be penalties given that aren't possible to serve within the 60 second time frame to give back positions.

    I've noticed this on multiple occasions, most recently being tonight in AUSNZ's Tuesday Thunder race, where at least 3 drivers received a stop-go penalty as a result of not being able to give up the positions requested by the game.

    My guess is that this occurs when a car goes off at Degner 2 and the yellow flags are out, the game's timing loop considers a car to be on the bridge running up to 130R, rather than in it's actual position below the bridge, meaning that the yellow flag logic has considered the driver to have passed all of the cars on track between Degner 2 and 130R and is required to give back all of the places thought to have been gained.

    I've attached the game and MW transport logs from the most recent occurrence of this issue.

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