Autoclutch in DTM 2013/ADAC 2013

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    I've been wondering if manual clutch is being used in real life DTM 2013/ADAC 2013 series?

    I've been looking into Technical regulations of DTM and ADAC, and here are some things I found interesting and wanted to share:

    " 1.9 Semi-automatic gearbox
    One which, when the driver calls for a gear change, takes over the control of one or more of the engine, clutch and gear selectors momentarily to enable the gear to be engaged. "

    "2.9 Telemetry
    The use of telemetry is forbidden. "

    "29.2 Refuelling or defueling during a session (Practice, Qualifying, Race) or in the starting grid of a Race shall be forbidden. The same shall apply to the breaks between Qualifyings. "


    "Mandatory pit stops Every DTM race includes a mandatory pit stop at which all four tyres must be changed. This mandatory pit stop has to be made in the middle third of the race. No mandatory pit stops are allowed during a safety car period; after the safety car period has ended the drivers have five more laps on which to make their stops even if that would cause the stops to be made outside the prescribed window. Refuelling has no longer been permitted since the beginning of the 2012 season."

    Interestingly, Wikipedia for DTM says:
    " Gearbox: 6-speed semi-automatic paddle shift sport gearbox "

    So I am getting an impression that DTM use auto clutch and ADAC might be manufacturer dependent, but all cars I looked into seem to be fitted with sequential gearbox. Also, no refueling during the race in both series, so I wonder if lack of refueling is not a missing feature, it is replication of real sport. Also, no telemetry in LCD screen seem to play well 2.9 above :)

    If anyone has interesting technical facts to share, chime in :)