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    I randomly found this simple guide and it actually helped improve my times.
    Please give some expert opinion if this makes sense or not.

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    I'm far from being the expert you asked for but at least I noticed two things in the text:
    Caster is mentioned but not adjustable in game, not a problem for me cause that only tends to add some camber when turning the steering wheel but makes the steering harder (like on a gokart). The other thing: I'm not quite sure if stiffening the front springs would help with corner exit understeer. Normally softening an axle means gaining some grip at that end. The adjustments of the dampers and anti rollbars seem to be correct for curing the related issues though. I would add using the rear toe setting to dial in the wanted behaviour on exit. More positive if exit power oversteer is an issue, the other way round if you want the tail to help with rotation of the car (but keep the resulting toe value positive or zero - never go negative at the rear of a RWD!)
    Some cars allow for differential adjustments. I decrease the preload if I want the car to better rotate into the corner (especially under trail braking or coasting).
    Hope this helps a little. Maybe a real expert will have a word.
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