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    Post your settings here.
    Driving mostly GTR3, but other cars as well, I want some force in my wheel. Try driving Bathurst, personally it feels totally great! :)

    My R3E ingame settings are as follows:

    (I have made some changes from the post in the "FFB not working on OSW" thread)

    General force feedback settings:
    Force feedback: on
    Inverted force feedback: off
    Gamepad rumble: off
    Force feedback intensity: 60%
    Smoothing: 10%
    Force feedback spring: 0%
    Force feedback damper: 25%

    Steering force settings:
    Steering force intensity: 80%
    Force feedback minimum force: 0%
    Understeer: 50%
    Vertical force: 50%
    Lateral force: 50%
    Steering rack: 80%

    Force feedback effect settings:

    Slip effect: 65%
    Engine vibrations: 5%
    Kerb vibrations: 25%
    Shift effect: 50%
    Collision effect: 0%

    Simucube settings are as follows:
    General settings
    Steering range: 540
    Bump stop range: 0
    Overall strength: 100%
    (Actual max current is 12A for my setup)

    Filters on IONI drive
    Simucube Force Reconstruction Filter: 5
    Torque bandwith limit: Unlimited
    Center Frequency Hz: Filter disabled
    Damping: 0%
    Friction: 0%
    Inertia: 0%

    Direct Input Effects
    Friction: 0%
    Damping: 0%
    Spring: 0%
    Sine Wave: 122%
    Square Wave: 0%
    Sawtooth: 0%
    Triangle: 0%

    The Hardware Setup Tab
    Bumpstop Effect Enabled: Checked
    Bumpstop maximum strength: 100%
    Bumpstop effect ramp range: 10%
    Bumpstop damping effect: 50%

    For reference:
    My maximum motor current is 12A
    My encoder counts per revolution is 40000
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