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    Hi Guys,

    The purpose of this post is to share my own vision and taste of what the force feedback settings are best for Raceroom experience using OSW Augury Kit (Small Mige, 10000ppr encoder) and MMos. It may not apply to other OSW wheels but you can try if you wish.

    This is very subjective setup but I would like to encourage you to try and see what you think? Before you try, back up your Control set file and create new Configuration Profile in Raceroom. The highlighted in red is important, the rest can be ignored as it may not apply to you. If you are tempted to try these settings, please be advised that you must change values in the control set as shown in the image.

    As a result, you should get immersive refined motor vibrations, stronger road effects, firm feedback, strong shift effect (it can be reduced if desired) and a lot more that cannot be explained in writing...... Also, note that some cars may require lower or higher FFB Multiplier value in Garage- Steering setup. You will know once you start driving.

    Alternatively, you could do fine adjustments in-game settings but make sure that you copy control set FFB values as shown in the image.


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