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    I'm developing this tool to modify the xml file and listed the things I've tested but are not working like expected, or the features that could be nice to add.

    Moving this placeholders has no effect
    • Flags: flags are still displayed on top left.
    • Driver Name Tags: drivers list is still displayed on left.
    • Mini MoTec: still displayed on bottom right.
    • Car Status: what should it move? (seems to be old stuff to remove)
    • Apexhunt Display: what should it move? (seems to be old stuff to remove)

    Moving this anchors has no effect
    • FFB Meter: anchor is forced by R3E to bottom left.
    • Input Meter: anchor is forced by R3E to bottom left.

    Resizing beyond x1
    Actually we can't resize placeholders beyond x1 (I only tested Virtual Mirror, Track Map and Position Bar).
    In VR it seems Virtual Mirror is very small so it could be helpful to add this feature.

    Missing placeholders for
    • Slow Down message.
    • Penalty/warning big box message (over the mirror actually).
    • Chat message.
    • Box at middle bottom showing our lap time.
    • Pit menu.
    • Pit icon (when a pit stop is pending).
    • In pit lane: pit speed limit/current.
    • In pit lane: distance to the stop sign.

    Problems when moving elements to other screens
    • Actually we can't move elements on side screens except if they are on the inside edge (X = -1 or X = 1). Except for FFB Meter, but this one doesn't respect X coordinate. See here. Also FFB Graph in triple screen is 3x larger than in single, I'm not sure if this is wanted.

    XML format
    • "CarStatus Anchor" is written without a space, unlike "Car Status Position" and "Car Status Size".
    • XML file is not actually using the benefits of this format, it looks like a binary stream written in XML nodes instead of an organized structure making reads and writes easy.
           <position>1.2458798456 1</position>
           <anchor>1 -1</anchor>
           <size>1 1</size>
               <name><![CDATA[Show in cockpit]]></name>
               <value type="bool">true</value>
               <value type="bool">true</value>
           <!-- And so on for other hud elements... -->
       <!-- Options not related with a hud element. -->
           <name><![CDATA[Position Bar Display Setting]]></name>
           <value type="int32" range="1 3">3</value>
           <name><![CDATA[Replay overlay show setting]]></name>
           <value type="bool">true</value>
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    • "Car Status": what should it move? --> doesn't exist anymore (apparantly)
    • "Apexhunt Display": what should it move?
      • It's removed, unfortunately :( (see picture in attachment of what it looked like back then)
      • Apex hunt was (if I remember correctly) a method to learn a track, to learn the ideal line.
    You can move virtual mirror to the right, it looks more like in a real car: [​IMG]

    I will report your findings, by the way ;)

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    Not really a bug, but I would like to have an option to change the color of text elements in the HUD, especially the gap info in the horizontal bar (almost invisible in VR)