Tire and Brake Temperature Issues

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rickey Richard, Jun 16, 2019.

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    When you use stiffer springs and dampers, the tyre has to absorb more road energy which generates more heat. So when the springs/dampers are softer, the tyres have an easier life hence they won't get as hot.

    Brake >> tyre heat transfer, yes it's accounted for. You can see that front tyres take longer to cool down because the front brake discs are the warmest ones and they're helping the entire corner assembly to retain more heat.
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    Thanks for the information! Much appreciated. lately I have been trying to read real world stuff for setups than just a flow chart and learn as much as i can. Gives me a good feeling when i can take a car that may not perform to the way i drive and adjust what i need to, in order to get it to work for me.

    After going to my first race with my dad at Pocono Speedway here in the states ( which is only about 45 min from me ) . It has reignited my interest in motorsport. It was a great time, even though i don't particularly dont care for Nascar it was a awesome experience. I watch the IMSA Weather Tech series along with Le Mans and other endurance events. And having this sim really gets me as close as i can to getting a taste even if its not the real thing :D So i appreciate all S3 folks for all their hard work
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    I'm just guessing here but I suppose that the more you soften, the more the suspension is able to absorb part of the total energy created by the interaction of the tires moving on the road, if that makes sense. The static weight of the car on each tire should be same whatever the suspension stiffness.

    Edit: oops didn't see much clearer answer from Alex, good news is my intuition was a good one.
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