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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sector3, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. redriot77

    redriot77 New Member

    Feb 24, 2021
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    Hi everyone!
    Finally I made the move and gave Raceroom a try. And what a surprise! I play with an Xbox gamepad and driving haven't been this satisfying so far in other sims. Some games had slightly sluggish controls, especially at low speeds (Forza 7, F1 2019). Others are the opposite, way too twitchy and over-sensitive, like AC and PC2.
    I tried the '92 DTM Mercedes, the Porsche 964 and a couple of GT4 cars so far and its really enjoyable even with gamepad. When I first managed to line up three following right hand corners into one nice continuous curve at Brands Hatch, that was such a great feeling that I felt long time ago in racing sims. I enjoy that I can hit those apexes more precisely and point the car to where I want - more or less. :)
    I also like the tire physics: the cars has proper grip and - at least in the slower classes what I drive usually. The range between full grip and spinning out is managable. I never liked the over-slippery physics in iRacing (I played it with a wheel, ages ago.) In Raceroom there is enough grip to gain some confidence in the car and not all your concentration is used by simply keeping it on the track.
    And finally: the AI. Never had so close and intense AI races in any other game. They know how to race close, can launch surprise attacks if you left the door open and they keep pushing into the gap as long as possible.

    Anyway, I'm happy that I finally tried this sim. I think I'll stick with it for many years.

    Adam from Hungary
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  2. ravey1981

    ravey1981 Well-Known Member Beta tester

    Apr 15, 2018
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    Welcome to Raceroom Adam.
  3. crunchieRL

    crunchieRL New Member

    Mar 1, 2021
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    Hi my name is crunchie and I'm looking to post something bigger, with links! I have been racing R3E for at least 3 years now and I'm hoping to post details for RaceRoom Racers - a Discord group for which I run the severs
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  4. Dawks

    Dawks Member

    May 15, 2016
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    My turn! :)

    As ben Tremblay aka Dawks on Discord, I could (long time coming) finally announce: First R3E drive ever; Brands Hatch.
    Had to raise seat //a lot// but ... thrilled! Tickled Pink!

    Money well spent. i5 8400 / RX 570 / Win10 / Momo Wheel/Pedals ... 2 Monitors; 3rd to be positioned.
    ^5 --B Tremblay

    p.s. with 2nd monitor (positioned right) I'm thinking it would be elegant if I could toggle the view in that one from right rear to left rear and even to straight back. I'll be looking into this.
    VR is way far distant on my horizon. Next is 3rd monitor and TrackIR.
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  5. cardalu69

    cardalu69 New Member

    Apr 7, 2021
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    Hello ! My name is Ivan ,and I am from Croatia.
    I am new to the RR and to the sim racing.
    Been playing driving games all my life ,but mostly on Ps.
    Really love the game ,by far the best sim expirience so far. I bought the starter pack,so I am testing the cars and tracks . And racing a bit on the rookie servers. John Littleonion is the nick.
    I' ll try to be fast and keep it clean!
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