Released Volkswagen ID.R Time Attack Challenge

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    Jan 9, 2019
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    I did notice that I can drive completely off the track, then return and if I made new personal best, time is accepted as there is no lap invalid message happening if exiting track, only on few places I seem to get invalid lap by exiting track.

    Also noticed that I can hit walls most of the time without lap becoming invalid.

    Then I had to improve time more so that I get lap without visiting the grass as it would be cheating otherwise, so I took some 18 seconds off from my time :D

    I'm still 16 seconds slower than fastest ones, just can't understand where to make up so much time, compared to real video bit above, I can see there are turns which I drive top speed without lifting off, where in real world run Dumas eases off and goes only 220-230kph.
    I suspect my track has few more meters :p

    If I could make 2 seconds improvement, then I would be quite happy, could easily come from few mistakes I still made on my lap. Quite happy already with current improvement, not every day it is that I can drive such fast vehicle and have position in fastest 10%
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    May 21, 2018
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    I am hoping there is a auto save replay feature, so we can visually inspect whether they have been cheating.
    I did not try to push to the very top, riding too many kerbs and hitting barriers to get better time is not my style.
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  3. Robert Wiesenmüller

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    Here you can watch Moritz Löhner's lap + setup, which is pretty close to the best times overall.

    What you can also do is challenge the ghost and enable race line. Then you can see exactly the lines of the other driver, and the colour of the ghost line changes depending on throttle/brake input.

    Julian Kunze has won RaceRoom LAN events on equal hardware before. I have no reason to be suspicious whatsoever.
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